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Just trying to live in God's image. I also play video games. Hopefully my videos can make some people a little happier.



  • 15:42 Lol the woman that went Y O I N K

    Xavier CervantesXavier Cervantes13 timmar sedan
  • maybe the door leads to the haunted house with 8 ball head and the chefs

    Calvin RiveraCalvin Rivera13 timmar sedan
  • Such a great game!

    Mom Plays Dark SoulsMom Plays Dark Souls13 timmar sedan
  • I think new little nightmares is gonna be in 2023

    Jordan FloresJordan Flores13 timmar sedan
  • Wow its been 11 years

    corbyn_besson fpcorbyn_besson fp13 timmar sedan
  • i ain't even got money on me

    SAUG BlackmarketSAUG Blackmarket13 timmar sedan
  • Hey cory I'm probably annoying you but I wanted to say thanks for being such a great person and I look up to you I've watched since I was 5 (I'm 12) my whole time watching coryxkenshin when I saw cooking with kenshin for 7mil my heart dropped and I will love you retired or not and no mater how many times you have to take a break you are the true samurai / CUZ HIS NAME IS CORY KENSHIN

    unknown unknownunknown unknown13 timmar sedan
  • His method 6+7 is 12 bro 6+7 is fucking 13!

    suleika perezsuleika perez13 timmar sedan
  • im sorry corykenshin but i quit on friday funky night its to hard and im just a kid

    Queen SmithQueen Smith13 timmar sedan
  • Anyone here in 2021?

    weirdoweirdo13 timmar sedan
  • I’m watching this again bcuz Cory ain’t postin sss yet😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😞😞😞😞😞😞😙😙😙😙😙😙😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🤪😇🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

    xxx._.vibesxxx._.vibes13 timmar sedan
  • teacher:*neck grows long* coryxkenshin:AAAAAaaaaAAAaAaaAaAAAAA

    jared diocampojared diocampo13 timmar sedan
  • The vulgar sentence gully cry because crayfish posteriorly grin than a tedious singer. poor, testy armchair

    Yonald TfurdYonald Tfurd13 timmar sedan
  • turns out, it wasnt his last video on youtube. this is funny to watch now.

    im bout to roast you hardim bout to roast you hard13 timmar sedan

    officialanime_simp 696officialanime_simp 69613 timmar sedan
  • yall sayin im down bad but having a shorty this crazy for me , say less

    Kevin AlvarezKevin Alvarez13 timmar sedan
  • 18.00 Cory you saying that really doesn’t change nothing idc about it.

    Jonah TrimbleJonah Trimble13 timmar sedan
  • when cory vibes with you: aYyyyAYyy 2:35

    Journey WilliamsJourney Williams13 timmar sedan
  • he is so close to 9 mil..Cory we love you!

    Decent MortalDecent Mortal13 timmar sedan
  • SEslow: recommends this to me 5 FIVE years later

    TânjirøTânjirø13 timmar sedan
  • First I want to start off with a "Cory how are you" Guys I know he's hasn't made a video almost in 2 weeks but it's fine he's probably working or helping his mom out with her shop he does have life not just on youtube so we have to be grateful and be patient. And he might be giving us a triple or double upload and it takes him a long time to edit his videos. He will be back soon!! In the mean time as Cory would say SAMURAI SLICE THAT LIKE BUTTON and sub to me and Cory. And just maybe he's taking his 9 month break again💖💖💖

    Rakia GurleyRakia Gurley13 timmar sedan
  • RIP taka

    The Lion PrinceThe Lion Prince13 timmar sedan
  • Idk where my mom is

    mono ._.mono ._.13 timmar sedan

    Amelia MacchioAmelia Macchio13 timmar sedan
  • CORYYYYY DOOOOO VS WITTY MOD PLS you will be sup roses :)

    Nintendo BrosNintendo Bros13 timmar sedan
  • Mmmmmm I smell cap

    Fi_ChanFi_Chan13 timmar sedan
  • Help me Cory he is the most toxic SEslowr than faze Jarvis

  • bro 12:25 🦦

    TRISTANTRISTAN13 timmar sedan
  • Those bolt cutters are scary for a reason 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

    XxKingKai06xXXxKingKai06xX13 timmar sedan
  • Who else is watching in 2021

  • Help me Cory to help you get views

  • 2:12 a ninja 🥷

    Chris CruzChris Cruz13 timmar sedan

    corbyn_besson fpcorbyn_besson fp13 timmar sedan
  • What the freak!!!

    Wizz StickminWizz Stickmin13 timmar sedan
  • did anyone think that it was weird when Sasha had her hand out before the floor boards fell?

    Murakumogiri BisentoMurakumogiri Bisento13 timmar sedan
  • Hey Mr coryxkenshin help me stop viper nate from steal us to watch him and I'll help them support you

  • I think out of all of them I think the last one made me died of laughter lol

    Amelia HeimuliAmelia Heimuli13 timmar sedan
  • HAPPY (early😏) BIRTHDAY

    corbyn_besson fpcorbyn_besson fp13 timmar sedan
  • Thanks yt for recommending me this lmao

    Kasan KeinoKasan Keino13 timmar sedan
  • ay man..... you got games on your phone?

    TX RoseTX Rose13 timmar sedan
  • Just got back on track record stuff that it huge Redfern One

    Teddy HarrisTeddy Harris13 timmar sedan
  • spare

    Yusuf FortniteYusuf Fortnite13 timmar sedan
  • I never knew..,I HAVE to sub to you bc your content is legend

    C u p p s•C u p p s•13 timmar sedan
  • 34:04 just cory pausing the game at that moment is the funniest thing

    Marven MichelMarven Michel13 timmar sedan
  • Cuz my name is coryxkenshin I love your video skirt outfit

    liyah grademanliyah grademan13 timmar sedan
  • 13:32

    Kiki The Stardust CrusaderKiki The Stardust Crusader13 timmar sedan
  • is starfire your ex

    Noori AlimahomedNoori Alimahomed13 timmar sedan
  • F

    Biffa 1968Biffa 196813 timmar sedan
  • Who wanna pray with me

    Suzette ZamoraSuzette Zamora13 timmar sedan
  • with poki it sounded like they were saying shits ben to long

    Dustin BrownDustin Brown13 timmar sedan
  • So where's part 6 cory??

    MukeenMukeen13 timmar sedan
  • Sorry Marvin I don't want to have to be this way I'm sorry Cory kitchen has to

    Charlie GCharlie G13 timmar sedan
  • The week 6 i do hard now

    Hahah HahahHahah Hahah13 timmar sedan
  • Am I the only one who sees Cory's cartoon network sweater

    high phihigh phi13 timmar sedan
  • 6:57 when I sneeze in class

    Ashton ChangAshton Chang13 timmar sedan
  • Does anyone just like feel some sort of guilt whenever he says ''glad your on time'' though im literally in march 2021 o.o

    MoonlightOnTheMoonMoonlightOnTheMoon13 timmar sedan
  • play crashbandcue 4

    Noori AlimahomedNoori Alimahomed13 timmar sedan
  • It’s 5am and this was in my recommended

  • Its ok that you had a mental break down you don't have to hurry up we still love you. We aren't mad.

    Nini MeltonNini Melton13 timmar sedan
  • Was I the only one in pain when he kept avoiding the first hat?

    BladerbroBladerbro13 timmar sedan
  • sow fanny sow cool hahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    bird memes aylaycka kajibird memes aylaycka kaji13 timmar sedan
  • Did he just say holy squat

    Legallyz _Legallyz _13 timmar sedan
  • This was recommended

    AestheticalNxthxnAestheticalNxthxn13 timmar sedan
  • Why Cory fanning his eyes as if he just put setting spray on LMAO

    Imani KodilaImani Kodila13 timmar sedan
  • Why was there WingDing at the top left?

    T AnimationsT Animations13 timmar sedan
  • My g got a good as voice

    Elena OlmoElena Olmo13 timmar sedan
  • Such a pain

    AlbertLorenz LouisVincentAlbertLorenz LouisVincent13 timmar sedan
  • Cory: takes anther beak probably helping his mom Us: well he’s dead ok let’s start rioting

    dat1boudat1bou13 timmar sedan
  • omg Like i was scared but laughing i hit my self on my bed that was so scary

    Mera OkashaMera Okasha13 timmar sedan
  • 10:56 me when I stub my pinky toe:

    bigsmilebigsmile13 timmar sedan
  • Ngl Chaplin scared me more than the ghost

    God KnightGod Knight13 timmar sedan
  • Pls cal hime six

    susan veenendaalsusan veenendaal13 timmar sedan
  • Please please get over it you haven't posted a video for a week

    SupremeGamer KidSupremeGamer Kid13 timmar sedan
  • Looks like I’m 3 years late for the stream

    Akirex 5000Akirex 500013 timmar sedan
  • 'I hate games where you can hiiide! I never leave' 😂😂 dude that's why I'm watching the gameplay on SEslow bc I'm a chicken I can't leave the wardrobe

    lol Lovelol Love13 timmar sedan
  • 😂🤣 ok you can’t hurt me I’m a girl

    GiaVanZzy YouTubeGiaVanZzy YouTube13 timmar sedan
  • yo did cory really just find the stronghold?! cus i think those fish things only spawn there

    Zam SaidZam Said13 timmar sedan
  • Nearly 9 mill strong 💪🏼

    Vincent SimpsonVincent Simpson13 timmar sedan
  • 13:32 Makio SONO: It’s a home run!

    not suspicious what so evernot suspicious what so ever13 timmar sedan
  • Faster

    GiaVanZzy YouTubeGiaVanZzy YouTube13 timmar sedan