The FIRST #SpookyScarySunday of the year and it's a GOOD one!
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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.



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  • My advise if your getting robbed and somebody is armed: use a pistol, not a knife. Small, powerful, and if you use a knife, the robber can take it out of your hands. With a pistol, you can defend from a distance, and the sound of gun shots will alert the neighbors, and they can call the police if you cant. Just my advice. Use a gun, not a knife.

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  • like if you watched till the end but wanted to skip

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  • He’s has that bar for lever btw I’ve alt watched 6 times I just come back all the time

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  • Cory your my fav SEslowr and I love your spooky scary Sunday there the best

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  • u didn't scare me Unu

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  • "Unless they got that Wi-Fi up in heaven" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌 Im still dying of it

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  • My dad has a pistol so you should get a pistol

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  • Cory:happy New Years👹 Me:starting the video all over Cory again:happy New Years👹 Me acting like my scared:ahhhhhh😱

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  • Bro he legit nearly at nine mil congrats bro I'm happy for the man

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  • Can you play vr chat cory

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  • “im watching Cartoon Network all night” PLEASE-

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  • your the best youtuber and that facts

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  • Ayo someone go get logan paul we found some new content for him

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  • Your funny your scared

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  • I love your videos

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  • cory be like Take the nutraGAIN bar................. Firmlyrasp it

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  • WiFi in hevean we if they go to hell

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  • You are so damn stupid man you are not you cory that person you are watching ok man bot i l9ve you cory man you are my friend ok you are you are my man lkve you ok man you arw man and you arw the man of 5he house ok man you are so mush fun ok you are man

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  • you know i love you cory but ima steal ur channel...one day😈👀

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  • Lol they are so stupid they need to fight back

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  • hey i like your show

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  • Cory : put knife in bathroom ( self defense) Me : I will us that.

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  • i take the nutragrane bar

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  • Right when the third animation and the girl looked around and then the monster behind her Cory screamed and then a cookie add popped up with a child ahoy cookie telling a scary story at the campfire 🤣🤣

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  • Cory X Kenshin I like your videos

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  • If y’all don’t know but on little nightmares six switched up on mono for pay back and I u finished it the right way u would make it out without six because u will split

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  • Cory : *stares at picture, getting a lil too close * ALSO Cory: "WHY WOULD YOU STARE AT IT?!?!"

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  • I screamed and my mom came to ,me and said what happened 💀

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  • Ok Cory listen just hear me out, the reason I’m late is because I was stockpiling your vids after that 4 MONTH BREAK! Yeah I remember that Ps joking everyone needs a break

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  • The one that said "don't look away" was dumb as ever " her dad said don't look away" buut she did so they are two now🤫

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  • Beginning of 2021: 8 mil subs Beginning of march 2021: almost 9 mil subs Me: WTF

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  • is it weird the fact i didnt get scared at all. bruh i laughed for some random reason

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  • The fact that I can watch a video from three or four years ago and get the same Cory that I get today, is the best thing I could ever ask for. Pause, if needed.

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  • i wasnt alive in 2021 but cory you are a legend in 3069 they have 100,000,000 statues of you

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  • “I will try not to eat all of your thin mints” My mind: *rumages through memes* “WANNA BUY A BOX OF THIN MINTS?” Me: *instantly finds this funny and not scary*

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    • Oke, this one got me lol thanks for the laugh

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  • Cory said I bet you will pour your milk before your cereal

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  • He was at 8.03 mil when he made this video, now it’s 8.92 mil

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  • Guys I just made my first short film (horror)!! Lmk how it is, harsh criticism welcome.

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  • Your dad said pacifically don’t look away

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  • He gained 600 thousand followers within a month, that’s just crazy to me. Glad to see it

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  • Watching CoryxKenshin for six years now

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