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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.
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  • Download the game here:

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    • *happy fox noises*

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    • Chilling with the homies at the crib

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    • CoryxKenshin Hallec4

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  • This is the best add

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  • Afk Arena

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  • Yes you did I got the game

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  • bro he said but bbefore we bbgein 6:22

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  • that wus fune

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  • The thumbnail is my dad but the gun is a belt and when he sees I have a F

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  • I’ve never seen such a graceful way to get on your bed.

    A Random GuyA Random Guy5 timmar sedan
  • I hate this game don’t think I’m going to play it

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  • 4:32 we all knew who he was turning into.

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  • See more games should sponsor him look at this 14 minutes for an ad most youtubers do for like 30 seconds

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  • The game is actually lit. I started about 2 months ago and haven't missed a day. I would highly recommend joining the discord or looking at videos though when you start. It is a bit confusing the first few days.

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  • I just got an ad of AFK Arena

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  • Next up featured on sss is coryxkenshin

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  • he did the tik tok the red s tik tok

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  • Thanks Cory I downloaded the game and love it.

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  • I got a ad for afk arena when I clicked on this video

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  • At least it wasn’t raid shadow legends

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  • I started in the beginning of video Cory: " hey hey" middle of video cory: "Stop PLZ I WILL Give YOU WHAT YOU WANT PLZ STOP"

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  • here's joney moment

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  • forgot to say this is the funniest skit ever

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  • bro this game is sick

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  • Bro I died when cory kept looking at the gun 😂😂 like if you agree

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  • If this will be the adds iam gonna get i aint gona skip that yeh ama just watch some 14 minute ad.

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  • U should play roblox it's a mble and pc game

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    • U should!

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  • they must’ve gave him hella money

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  • I got an ad for afk arena when I clicked

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  • I actually download the game and I'm addicted 🙃

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  • damn no sponsor beat this time mark

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  • Cant wait for ep 2 of the coryxkenshin anime

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  • Release some gameplaya

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  • Them teeth low key white as heck

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  • 9:58

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  • 😶🤣😅😂😂😂

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  • cory did that ZA WURDO

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  • Cory: mwahhahahah! Me: what the frick dude

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  • Cory I love you afk arena is my favorite game🤩🤯

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  • I did not just get An AFK Arena add while watching this

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  • Hey cory ever thought of playing brawlhalla?

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  • M O-B U Y-E L

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  • No offense but strategic my ass

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  • Imagine playing afk arena while watching cxk

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  • Bro he done got me hooked already

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  • Cory really made his own SSS

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  • /e afk

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  • Who ever watched the whole skit IS A LEGEND because u know wat i mean

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  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he just roasted his dude ( 1:29 )

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  • Did anyone else see how he changed his shirt to a red one like trarags when he laughed in his try not to laugh vid he posted 1 month ago

  • Chill

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  • Tra rags

  • Yea rags

  • Leave me and my show alone 💀💀

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  • Sweetish fish commercial remake aka afk arena commercial

  • 3:01 when my friend tries to take my phone

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  • 10:18 stop it get some help

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  • 3:44 that pizza look cold as a mf-

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  • too be fair this game is pretty fun and free to play friendly

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  • 1:51 when you can't sleep

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  • I died when he said "Es hora de comer" HAHAHAHAHAH

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  • Me sleeping peacefully : A Home Invader In my room : (Thumbnail of the video)

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  • Exusme what moblie games are trash what sbout ginshin impact , mobile legengs , dragon raja

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  • Play roblox please

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  • It’s time to ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd DUELL

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  • bru he at 9 mill we only got him for like 3 more months wtf

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  • 8:48 why is this so meme worthy

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  • 4:31 oh god oh frick

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  • 9:40 Woah Cory, what was that?

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  • Aye errrbody that disliked was so excited bout the game they thought it was the like button to play

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  • id honestly rewatch this because its entertaining

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  • man really said ZAAAAAAAAAA WORDOOOOOO

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  • This was so funny hope these become episodes Cory friend when he pulled out the gun his laugh was so funny 😂

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  • bro... i dont wanna download it if it makes people like this ._.

  • I downloaded the game

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  • I want him to play roblox 😂

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  • The shout out to trarags got me

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  • 2:48 Having little siblings be like-

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  • It must be because of the sponsor

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  • this is more like the Thomas the train video

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  • And funny

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  • Burger King theatre acting

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  • Did y'all see the five nights at freddy's foxy running

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  • how are his teeth so white and straight

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  • My man cory done pulled out the tiktok this is why he my favorite SEslowr

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  • Hey Cory can you play Terraria and beat all the boss

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  • RIP to the bed I had to edit this comment by it remind me of the younger siblings fighting with the oldest or middle child ☠️☠️☠️🤣🤣🤣🤣

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