The SCARIEST / HARDEST game ever. | Aka Manto [GOOD ENDING]

We've been forced to roam a haunted school with Japanese urban legend AKA MANTO hunting us.. will we survive?
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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  • Lot of ya'll missed the end of the storytime, real samurai stayed til the end ;)

    CoryxKenshinCoryxKenshin26 dagar sedan
    • @James Miller shut up

      FhfufjbfjfnfjFhfufjbfjfnfjDag sedan
    • I Stayed

      Haleigh DennisHaleigh Dennis2 dagar sedan
    • I stay until the end and I think the second monster came to attack you when you used the 100 yen on the vending machine because you made the well person or the person in the well angry you know what I be saying

      Ernest GarciaErnest Garcia25 dagar sedan
    • Naw I'm the CHOSEN

      100k with no videos100k with no videos25 dagar sedan
    • Bro you have to do more story times pleaseee

      AntBoy UKAntBoy UK25 dagar sedan
  • nakajima atsushi lmao

    mun cmun cTimme sedan
  • that school bell is minecraft theme song lol

    Jarad -Jarad -Timme sedan
  • 45:20 karma

    SirKohsuSirKohsuTimme sedan
  • Welcome to 2021 horror games where: *the music terrifies you more than the killer*

    - i have a mullet -- i have a mullet -2 timmar sedan
  • 22:04-to the part were he died had me laughing my a $$ off my replayd it 20000 times

    Paridise_Miracles YTParidise_Miracles YT2 timmar sedan
  • Cory:yall still say swag Me:nah fam we say drip

    adrian aguirreadrian aguirre2 timmar sedan
  • I like you can you come to my house and myAddress

    Jessica NicoleJessica Nicole3 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    Jessica NicoleJessica Nicole3 timmar sedan
  • I like you can come to my house my address is 1236 Albert NJ actually it’s not that word is bitching July bar

    Jessica NicoleJessica Nicole3 timmar sedan
  • My address is 1236 Albritton Dr. stupid say

    Jessica NicoleJessica Nicole3 timmar sedan
  • Aka Manto is actually an actual Japanese urban legend

    SlohcinCASlohcinCA3 timmar sedan
  • Dx

    Joshua Garcia LambertJoshua Garcia Lambert4 timmar sedan
  • STOP...STOP....get a hoppy

    mxp streaksmxp streaks5 timmar sedan
  • Ay im a tough cookie though mean while tells a story of getting slapped in the neck and have has water in it eyes 😆😆😂😂

    SeanxShadowSeanxShadow5 timmar sedan
  • Cory said the F word 12:03 listen :)

    SkeleAPlaysSkeleAPlays5 timmar sedan
  • I actually never felt like I was being bullied, I was a cry baby and they laughed at me for that but it wasn't all serious. Alhamdulil'Allah

    Ciel NadouchCiel Nadouch7 timmar sedan
  • What’s the beat at 51:54? Awesome video btw Cory.

    Antanaya HarrisAntanaya Harris7 timmar sedan
  • that demon came back

    KawaiipotatoKawaiipotato7 timmar sedan
  • at 12:34 i felt like he was gonna fart for some reason

    KawaiipotatoKawaiipotato7 timmar sedan
  • when will you do more yandere simulator or maybe try koukou gurashi

    KawaiipotatoKawaiipotato8 timmar sedan
  • So let me get this straight you beat a japanese horror game but you can't beat nun massacre? Come on cory

    Abir AhmedAbir Ahmed9 timmar sedan
  • aye try watchin one of corys videos on top speed lol this halareous

    Phantom PharaohPhantom Pharaoh10 timmar sedan
  • 12:05 OMG 😆

    Weird BirdWeird Bird10 timmar sedan
  • 55:04 "Sometimes, things might seem impossible, or at least incredibly difficult, if you learned anything hear today, Never Give Up" -CoryxKenshin

    Miki MoleniMiki Moleni10 timmar sedan
  • The hardest game is this cuz u don't get hp and don't get checkpoints

    Shari RichardsShari Richards10 timmar sedan
  • Bruh when you scream, you scare the freak out me.

    FizzzFizzz11 timmar sedan
    • 😃😘 hello

      Joshua Garcia LambertJoshua Garcia Lambert7 timmar sedan
  • cory this video is so scary i can watch the hole video or i close my eyes on the scaryest parts

    Zivah Tyler Alana Rose TrimZivah Tyler Alana Rose Trim12 timmar sedan
  • Bro when he said there was a guy who bullied him in the 6th grade named Jahmani I was like a kid came to my school in the 6th grade named Jahmani too that’s crazy

    Danteisdank YTDanteisdank YT12 timmar sedan
  • 42:58

    Deonta. VillasDeonta. Villas13 timmar sedan

    Chico MafiaChico Mafia13 timmar sedan
  • omg Like i was scared but laughing i hit my self on my bed that was so scary

    Mera OkashaMera Okasha14 timmar sedan
  • I'm more shook at his sounde effects more than the evil spirit

    JENNJENN14 timmar sedan

    GR777MGR777M14 timmar sedan
  • 37:37 scariest moment in the game

    BelloBello17 timmar sedan
  • drtrrytu

    N90RTPKAL TiktokRacingN90RTPKAL TiktokRacing17 timmar sedan
  • P

    CasaCasa17 timmar sedan
  • U said im not gonna play this if i die

    zara shimuzara shimu18 timmar sedan
  • Hamburgurr🤣

    Alexis ErwinAlexis Erwin19 timmar sedan
  • Funny thing is that I also got bullied by a dude named "Jaymonnie" (dead ass how he spelt it) called me beaver teeth & shit .... damn you got me laughing lmaooo

    sio flexinsio flexin20 timmar sedan
  • "piece a freakin garbage." centipede is offended.

    Six 6Six 621 timme sedan
  • is that's another puppet combo game

    Jose Sebastian ManahanJose Sebastian Manahan21 timme sedan
  • 37:40 the scariest and surprising scene man

    Martin FerrilMartin Ferril22 timmar sedan
  • yo, he should do more story times while playing scary games, calms me down a bit but also really funny till we get jumpscared again

    Alli AvocaodoAlli Avocaodo22 timmar sedan
    • true

      triqsutriqsu22 timmar sedan
  • Akamanto isn't a monster she's a ghost

    Jamari HickmonJamari Hickmon23 timmar sedan
  • this is the most intense video ever

    Flou MusicFlou MusicDag sedan
  • ummmm so ummmm so hi

    Atianna GrantAtianna GrantDag sedan

    JEVILJEVILDag sedan
  • Hes right we use too only have ramen noodles for dinner

    Jamari HickmonJamari HickmonDag sedan
  • I think that red or blue paper was a Japanese urban legend I watched before

    Azaria SmithAzaria SmithDag sedan
  • Aka Manto: can go through doors Cory: CLOSE THE DOOR!!

    UncagedFuryUncagedFuryDag sedan
  • lol cory is just screaming.

    Janet ClarkJanet ClarkDag sedan
  • Bruh everything be interrupting the whole story lol

    Meh Angel ._.Meh Angel ._.Dag sedan
    • :/

      Meh Angel ._.Meh Angel ._.Dag sedan
  • I’m not a bully Cory

    Meh Angel ._.Meh Angel ._.Dag sedan
  • Coryxkenshin you're my favorite SEslowr

    Nathan VezieNathan VezieDag sedan
    • He will never see this but he loves you if that makes you happy

      triqsutriqsu22 timmar sedan
  • Cory is the master of Stu-Stu-stuttering Obviously I’m joking love the content bro

  • man talk bout jermani in the vent thingy

    lin lollin lolDag sedan
  • DUDE tryv the bad ending its really REALLY SCARY (and also weird BUT REALLY SCARY)

    Jiaer McnaryJiaer McnaryDag sedan
  • did anyone notice that all the time cory dinit even hide in the drawer and the cabinet while aka manto was chasing him :1 :1 :1 :1 in the whole video :1

    GhostyDrawsGhostyDrawsDag sedan
    • but he only hide in the locker

      GhostyDrawsGhostyDrawsDag sedan
  • i spent a good hour of my life watching this, worth it

    No Steam MoneyNo Steam MoneyDag sedan
  • thats when you call some random az number and say they both didnt pick up then they send a email then before your parents can see get their fone and delete the email ;)

    Miki MoleniMiki MoleniDag sedan
  • bro cory really sayed wtf when the demon was there

    der anime suchtider anime suchtiDag sedan
  • I really love your videos! You da bomb!

    AthlikekittyAthlikekittyDag sedan
  • Is it just me or does the music from the demon slap hard while chasing cory

    DeD rOaChDeD rOaChDag sedan
  • That anatomy body thing is literally jojos part 7 in a nutshell

    SoraSoraDag sedan
  • 12:05 it sounded like he almost cursed LOL.

  • When I hear Cory say SO I GET SMACKED IN THE BACK OF THE NECK “buy a Samsung galaxy for 49.99

    Jy'Aire willamsJy'Aire willamsDag sedan
  • 18:58 how is this music named bro cuz i luv how it sounds!

    Raul XRaul XDag sedan
  • this is every school i went to ever

    William McGowanWilliam McGowanDag sedan

    KyrieTheAwesomeKyrieTheAwesomeDag sedan
  • It was funny 🤣 hahaha when thet come

    zara shimuzara shimuDag sedan
  • When you had a katana and a black woman came I hit my head 🤣🤣

    Taisha GriffinTaisha GriffinDag sedan
  • I watched this like 20 times and it's still entertaining

    AlphaAlphaDag sedan
  • Cant wait for him to play security breach

    Used RubberUsed RubberDag sedan
  • Doje

    whipIt Jr614whipIt Jr614Dag sedan
  • Never ever in my life seeing cory say the f word when almost dying

    Fxhzxa ROBLOX!Fxhzxa ROBLOX!Dag sedan
  • That song when he said it’s creepy that’s the bell in school in Japan

    JuziyJuziyDag sedan
  • 12:04 run run run run run

  • Slice that like button guys

    mummy fanmummy fanDag sedan
  • at 51:56 Cory and I said " LETZ GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! " At the same time yo! i feel like a Chief Samurai😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Arielle GeorgeArielle GeorgeDag sedan
  • The intro never gets old

    565 karl BOI565 karl BOIDag sedan
  • Why are we still here, just so suffer Every night I can fell my leg, and my arm, even my fingers. The body i’ve lost. And the comrades have lost. Won’t stop hurting. It’s like they are still there. You fell it too don’t you? I’m gonna give ‘em comeback our past.

  • Lol this manz like 28 and getting jump scares lmao

    Joshua GanthierJoshua Ganthier2 dagar sedan
  • He playd for so long I fell u sleep for 9hs

    Jamie ParkerJamie Parker2 dagar sedan
  • 30:10-30:15. DING DONG BING BONG BABY!!!!

    DDRDangan Vloger21DDRDangan Vloger212 dagar sedan
  • Check my recent post

    LXRDZACELXRDZACE2 dagar sedan
  • I was vibing with him when he beat the game until he said headphone warning I was like: "Wait what?"

    PinkMochiCloudPinkMochiCloud2 dagar sedan
  • Who has there flashlight with them while watching this

    yeeted sharkyeeted shark2 dagar sedan
  • Im getting bullied at school and im thinking of suicide. Im scared😔

    REJEKT_REJEKT_2 dagar sedan
  • cory: rais your hand if you have been bullied meh: *rasis hand* it was bc i like anime TwT

    Angelina WilliamsAngelina Williams2 dagar sedan
  • nah I ain't playing it freak off me Aka Manto

    Hype GamingHype Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • Coryxkenshin talking to the mask in a nutshell CORYXKENSHIN: watcha freaking want MASK: HAMBURGER

    Fnaf loverFnaf lover2 dagar sedan
  • The fact that I was also bullied in 6th grade but it was by a group of girls ✋🏻

    BxrnFrxmSaturnBxrnFrxmSaturn2 dagar sedan
  • 12:02 8 y/o me running from mom who has the belt

    Oliver LeimerOliver Leimer2 dagar sedan
  • did cory just say "wtf"

    Mikal ChiquitoMikal Chiquito2 dagar sedan
  • She be like: omg look at my walking besties 💅😘

    Ellen Van kooiEllen Van kooi2 dagar sedan
  • Bro I am rewatching this and at 12:04 is sounds like he said "WHAT THE F WORD!" JUST LISTEN CLOSELY!

    Vivian ThomasVivian Thomas2 dagar sedan
  • Cory: "Stop STOP..get a hobby" The Red Monster: *hears* *KILLS CORY* Cory: Mind: "i should've said that.."

    Soft SproutSoft Sprout2 dagar sedan
  • Period ending

    Nekai ReidNekai Reid2 dagar sedan
  • Cory: this is what im gonna tech my kids.." dont let anybody bully" me: well.....this what im gonna say to my kids..." dont let anybody bully u...if they do..... HAND THEM THE F**K BACK!!!!!"

    Brian GaltoBrian Galto2 dagar sedan