My GIRLFRIEND is CRAZY and WANTS to KILL ME | Saiko No Sutoka

Random indie horror game about a Yandere girl trying to kill you while you are trapped in a school. This will be a breeze!
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Outro By:
GrittySugar - Animation
KrpticUnknown - Beat


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Farmington Hills, MI 48333

Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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Ladda ner



  • Heath = nice 18:57

    Kid KingstonKid KingstonTimme sedan
  • Can't wait 4 pt 2

    Jaesyn AranaJaesyn AranaTimme sedan
  • if he dont post imma unsub

    JayBanks_YTJayBanks_YT2 timmar sedan
  • If she stabs you im quite sure that if she looks sorry you can go up to her and she will give you aliment to heal you

    DcoyotziDcoyotzi2 timmar sedan

    GD BluebirdGD Bluebird2 timmar sedan
  • Cory: We not gonna end the video getting bodied. Also Cory: *a few minutes later he ends the video when he died*

    •Shinobu_ Cult••Shinobu_ Cult•3 timmar sedan
  • "We got nihongo we got english we got PERRRRRRRRKKKK" JE REALLY DID RUSSIAN LIKE THAT LOL 😂 me:w h e e z e

    ello thereello there4 timmar sedan
  • whenever she stabs u and says sorry, stand in front of her for a bit and she'll give u healing that heals u to +25 or +20 health. Afterwards thats when she'll be nice and follow u around but not hurt u. I think if u let her stay next to u while walking, then she'll stay nice.

    KeyshawnVideo'sKeyshawnVideo's5 timmar sedan
  • "cmon you know you want my tounge" CORY WHATS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN

    kenysha gillkenysha gill5 timmar sedan
  • Get y0 ankles broke

    Jonathan CastilloJonathan Castillo5 timmar sedan
  • Watch Cory get canceled for saying the languages like that smh they can’t cancel Cory

    Sinner Pee manSinner Pee man6 timmar sedan
  • what happens if you actually wait for her to come back?

    Breyanah FrancisBreyanah Francis7 timmar sedan
  • I have 10 cats Rosalina's very very fat we don't know if she's actually pregnant again we already got two kittens running around the house pooping on the bed

    caramelkisses972caramelkisses9727 timmar sedan
  • greatest gamer of all time the shogun himself

    SAMUEL COXSAMUEL COX7 timmar sedan
  • It's not like you to get she's going to eat you why are you saying she's playing on her food at this moment really

    caramelkisses972caramelkisses9727 timmar sedan
  • Yep coryxkenshin keep the tongue

    caramelkisses972caramelkisses9727 timmar sedan
  • You know how disrespectful it would have been if your dressing up as a girl

    caramelkisses972caramelkisses9727 timmar sedan
  • Saiko no Sutoka: I’m gonna punish you... Cory The Samurai: slice that button -slice Saiko no sutoka-

    Asian Hat KidAsian Hat Kid8 timmar sedan
  • 1:12 when the imposters sus

    reaganthebaconreaganthebacon8 timmar sedan
  • Just remember, you're not alone -Cory 2021

    ICY-FLAMEICY-FLAME8 timmar sedan
  • His screaming combined with the sound effects has me dead

    Nylia WattsNylia Watts8 timmar sedan
  • (sad human crying noises)

    GameWatchGameWatch9 timmar sedan
  • Keep doing your thing king!👍🏽🔥

    AlexSxntanaAlexSxntana9 timmar sedan
  • More

    Game proGame pro9 timmar sedan
  • What the bleep I all ready token

    Monty DuckerMonty Ducker12 timmar sedan
  • the head jump scared me

    Jada WilliamsJada Williams12 timmar sedan
  • Game:You need to escape Me:I would rather die in a chair

    nellyxcloudynellyxcloudy13 timmar sedan
  • " a random game exist with more than 10 diffrent difficulties easy-nightmare all youtubers (i dont know this game ima put it on easy mode to be sure) Cory: 10 difficulties hard - nightmare. Game: you sure you want it on hard mode? you can put it on easy mode whenever you want Cory again : who??

    HorrorGamer039 KaukasosHorrorGamer039 Kaukasos15 timmar sedan
  • Cory there is a bonus week on Friday night Funkin'

    SnowyVixen UwUSnowyVixen UwU17 timmar sedan
  • Canton why don't you play this is the second time

    caramelkisses972caramelkisses97218 timmar sedan
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪😜😜😜😜😛😝😝😝😝😝😝👻

      caramelkisses972caramelkisses97218 timmar sedan
    • Hahahaha

      caramelkisses972caramelkisses97218 timmar sedan
    • 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

      caramelkisses972caramelkisses97218 timmar sedan
  • Cory: how fast are you? Saiko: "I'm glad you asked.."

    KiroKiro18 timmar sedan
  • mein mario voice: IMa SCarED

    Aliya JohnsonAliya Johnson19 timmar sedan
  • The receptive c-clamp clinically trouble because weapon tinctorially last an a ill-informed cricket. mountainous, jealous humidity

    Blah GlitterBlah Glitter19 timmar sedan
  • when she said did u miss me and i was like gurllll i really didn’t

    Naisha TavieNaisha Tavie19 timmar sedan
  • Cory plz post something 🥺 SEslow haves gotten boring can u come bck n play at dead of night please 💕.

    Speakingabt KeySpeakingabt Key20 timmar sedan
  • *20:00** i almost peed my pants holy god wth is that*

    Calvin EnajeCalvin Enaje20 timmar sedan
  • Can u go back to playing Minecraft it will make my day

    Makiya McglaughlinMakiya Mcglaughlin20 timmar sedan
  • 2:34 he's staring into my soul

    SyedGamingzSyedGamingz21 timme sedan
    • and the screaming in the end HAHAHA LOL

      SyedGamingzSyedGamingz21 timme sedan
  • teacher:whos your fav person :me coryxkenshin :teacher: who do u love the most :me coryxkenshin :teacher: umm anyone else :me: no just coryxkenshin!

    The icecream twins•The icecream twins•21 timme sedan
  • 14:56

    Trevion BrownTrevion Brown22 timmar sedan
  • 19:58 when i see a huge ass spider in my kitchen😂

    F.B.IF.B.I22 timmar sedan
  • "Saiko No Sutoka" is just "engrish" written in romaji for "Psycho Stalker", omg. 😂 Just had to type this comment.

    Aheenobarbus HenociedAheenobarbus Henocied22 timmar sedan
    • The layers are real

      Aheenobarbus HenociedAheenobarbus Henocied22 timmar sedan

    Jet OportoJet Oporto23 timmar sedan
  • Cory: "she's too slow" Yandere: U WANNA SEE SOME REAL SPEEDDD BITCHH

    Nagito'sleftbuttcheek 'Nagito'sleftbuttcheek '23 timmar sedan
  • Too scared

    Ronnie ThomasRonnie ThomasDag sedan
  • 😎 mbgs

    Nazeir LoadedNazeir LoadedDag sedan
  • persona music slaps

    Xeraox39Xeraox39Dag sedan
  • Cory: my dad is in the other room sleeping Also Cory: 13:55

    Breid _30Breid _30Dag sedan
  • 1:37

    Mona CruzMona CruzDag sedan
    • 2:08

      Mona CruzMona CruzDag sedan
  • Cory the way that you was dipping on her like that part

    Kahmyion BarnesKahmyion BarnesDag sedan
  • Play goosebumps

    Joselyn 1Joselyn 1Dag sedan
  • Play goosebumps

    Joselyn 1Joselyn 1Dag sedan
  • Is it just me or does anybody else think Cory doesn’t like black girls ☹️🥺💔

    Aubri YTAubri YTDag sedan
  • who ever seeing this ngl your late

    Edd The destroyerEdd The destroyerDag sedan
  • Haha

    Drew RamloganDrew RamloganDag sedan
  • 7:35

    Josh MarlonJosh MarlonDag sedan
  • Me: is he gonna so easy *Cory* : *we don’t do that here Fam*

    ြု ******ြု ******Dag sedan
  • The added foot step noises 😂😂😂

    Tasha TingsTasha TingsDag sedan
  • cory can you do fnf neo mod its kinda cool ngl btw we or i miss fnf can you do more please

    Josh Gabriel SabenianoJosh Gabriel SabenianoDag sedan
  • 0:51

    Josh MarlonJosh MarlonDag sedan
  • the way she talks with her mouth, is she ok?

    Kanashiro paladiknightKanashiro paladiknightDag sedan
  • Hey can I get your number

    Kalebthegamer 1Kalebthegamer 1Dag sedan
  • Cory upload MORE VIDEOS

    Jaygirlslayyboo WhockyslushJaygirlslayyboo WhockyslushDag sedan
  • he really did russian like that XD

    Cotton Candy SansCotton Candy SansDag sedan
  • hi coryxkenshin

    Wolfburns DamonburnsWolfburns DamonburnsDag sedan
  • The fact he got off like that💀💀

    Makai LawhornMakai LawhornDag sedan
  • Wonder what Cory's gonna do for the big 9million subs?....

    J KJ KDag sedan
  • Coryxkenshin: no no no stay away from the windows 2 seconds later goes to the window

    iggy koopaiggy koopaDag sedan
  • Pls man use the lockers to hide like literally in every game u played that had lockers for hiding u literally never use them 😡

    XY_ OXY_ ODag sedan
  • He so funny

    maxwelle shenbergmaxwelle shenbergDag sedan
  • Cory:I gotta be quiet cuz my dad sleeping 1 min later... Cory:😫

    Jr GotDaHeatJr GotDaHeatDag sedan
  • hey uhmm... cory uhm... its been a week. u good?

    Meneer AhMeneer AhDag sedan
  • Did he give up on geometry dash?

  • 20:28 *w h a t*

    Your local lawn mowerYour local lawn mowerDag sedan
  • That moment when your parents wake up in 6 am and your still awake and you need to go to bed to not let your parents catch you 0:11

    Teleshop BtwosTeleshop BtwosDag sedan
  • Can you please do another one of these

    Helin AminHelin AminDag sedan
  • I have one "Big Brain" question, in this "yandere world," is there no such thing as men fighting back. I know her voice is very seducing but isn't there a man that can fight against it ;-;

    Jason BerryJason BerryDag sedan
  • guys skip to 5:21 thats when it starts

    -weeb--weeb-Dag sedan
  • when he did elerp i was l died so bad

    OfficialOceahnsOfficialOceahnsDag sedan
  • Whens she said sorry that means she's friendly

    Wade montegueWade montegueDag sedan
  • each part of the code is in each room!!!

    Fabian HerreraFabian HerreraDag sedan
  • ла библиотека

    buttercupbuttercupDag sedan
  • i think she has like a personality disorder thats why her eyes turn black and she shakes around that means "he" is in control of her

    TheGuralisTheGuralisDag sedan
  • "idk where she is bu- OH MY GOSH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

    fwagwo Flimzyfwagwo FlimzyDag sedan
  • *This is why I kill loli’s for a living* Edit in games

    KaiTheSaiyannKaiTheSaiyannDag sedan

    culqnculqnDag sedan
  • yub is better

    Parker WellnitzParker WellnitzDag sedan
  • She wifey material😳😳

    Niek van PerziëNiek van PerziëDag sedan
  • Yeah 😂😂 PRR-K-K-K

    cherrix berrixcherrix berrixDag sedan
  • 13:28 Cory: HNNGGLUMP

    BrUh MaStEr L9LBrUh MaStEr L9LDag sedan
  • I hope he will play more of Saiko No Sutoka cuz since there are so many levels, I would like to see him make a series 🙏🙏🙏

    Nicole BastienNicole BastienDag sedan
  • Cory U need to chill wit the bars bro cause u spit hot FIRE that hit diffrent

    Taichen GrahamTaichen GrahamDag sedan
  • i love how the yandere is literally trying to kill him and he’s just like “hmm this would be a great thumbnail 🤨📸”

    cunningdevilscunningdevilsDag sedan
  • This how baldpai probably feeling

    BreadBreadDag sedan

    Brian TurleyBrian TurleyDag sedan
  • El pe gv y oe no

    LalapoaLalapoaDag sedan
  • Corykenshin play dungeons qweast

    Jenny Lind BalaisJenny Lind BalaisDag sedan
  • 19:59 im with u on that jump cory

    Dreyton HendersonDreyton HendersonDag sedan
  • It was so freaking funny how she just repeatedly stabbed him and Corey just sat there quietly 🤣🤚🏽

    Saracha _papiSaracha _papiDag sedan
  • Cory:she’s to slow Yandere:ugghh Cory:😮

    Dag sedan