Little Nightmares 2 (GOT ME SCREAMING ALREADY)

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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  • It's never too late to finish the LN 1 DLC. ;) Glad you enjoyed the demo, thanks for playing it!

    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment EuropeBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment EuropeMånad sedan
    • Bandai where is little nightmares 3 WHERE I FINISHED ONE AND 2 I NEED 3 I BEG U

      NARUTOFANNARUTOFAN16 timmar sedan
    • Yeah of ya if you saw his little nightmare series he didint finish the DLC he forgot or didint want to Play the last chapter in the dlc.

      Rachid ViñasRachid Viñas23 timmar sedan
    • Cory really just got told to finish the dlc and he should

      SeanxShadowSeanxShadowDag sedan
    • I can't believe the studio that makes this game series is calling him out on that.🤣

      Matthew HazenMatthew Hazen7 dagar sedan
    • @Rich Toth rpyygggyDGip r . r , 86,4 . (- oi

      Firsa SangerFirsa Sanger7 dagar sedan
  • His name is 1

    Alia HiltonAlia Hilton21 minut sedan
  • His name is (Mono)💖

    Talia EdwardsTalia Edwards2 timmar sedan
  • Not the Zelda sound😂😂😂😂😂

    Musa AshrafMusa Ashraf5 timmar sedan
  • It’s mono

    Musa AshrafMusa Ashraf5 timmar sedan
  • Coronavirus

    Alfie DiamondAlfie Diamond7 timmar sedan
  • His name is mono he is one and there is a character named two and there other one named three and there four and five then six(sasha) then seven( run away kid) i dont think there is eight character. so all characters as a story from there look! and you need to take all the shadow glitchs to see the secret Ending! and i think that lady who six eat was six's mother, she dont like her face cuase the lady as one eye so she got jely and want her dead and then mono become the thin man cuase six betrayed him at the ending... i think i telled some spoilers to the game from theorys....

    ام املام امل9 timmar sedan
  • His name is mono

    Shante WilsonShante Wilson10 timmar sedan
  • “run as fast as you can baebyyyy baby babyyy runnin” pls i loved that we need a song for baggy too

    account numeróaccount numeró14 timmar sedan
  • Was I the only one in pain when he kept avoiding the first hat?

    BladerbroBladerbro14 timmar sedan
  • corey

    TheWolfe45TheWolfe4518 timmar sedan
  • six ro mono

    TheWolfe45TheWolfe4518 timmar sedan
  • Can I get a part four

    Noella ScottNoella Scott21 timme sedan
  • Did you play Roblox please

    Vanpheng ThaoVanpheng Thao23 timmar sedan
  • That trap that scared you it scared me too it’s ok

    FullChemicalFullChemicalDag sedan
  • ioiioioioioioiiioiooi

    Omari JonesOmari JonesDag sedan
  • jgkg8tidl ioiyfucjducd

    Omari JonesOmari JonesDag sedan
  • Corykenshin do I look that ugly? When he noticed he was baggie

    Cute_jelly_bean RussellCute_jelly_bean RussellDag sedan
  • Baggie so cute

    Cute_jelly_bean RussellCute_jelly_bean RussellDag sedan
  • I really wanna buy little nightmares two so much Since I already finished the first one..

    Cute_jelly_bean RussellCute_jelly_bean RussellDag sedan
  • cory: can he run? me: CAN HE SLIDE?

    ciaciaDag sedan
  • Love the song man it’s the best of you didn’t run you will be dead

    Panio the man PanioPanio the man PanioDag sedan
  • 12:39 Just incase you needed this today. 😌

    Julaine DJulaine DDag sedan
  • Cory: what are gonna name him baggy. Me: that’s when monos nickname became the most unforgettable to us samurai.

    Alim KarimAlim KarimDag sedan
  • Gulp

    Madison EwingMadison EwingDag sedan
  • I'm running I'm running running unu

    sixsix2 dagar sedan
  • Baggy Mick bagerson

    Kiedotta Leonard hallKiedotta Leonard hall2 dagar sedan
  • Cory: Ahhhh nahh you SICK Me: SORRY IM EATING STILL HOT RAMEN >:c

    BoopDahSnoop:DBoopDahSnoop:D2 dagar sedan
  • “I thought I just clocked him in the head with that.. that would’ve been funny”

    Nickie FrinkNickie Frink2 dagar sedan
  • His name is mono

    Lisa BlandfordLisa Blandford2 dagar sedan
  • Momo

    shadow Leonshadow Leon3 dagar sedan
  • Cory reacting to bag kid saying hey and hi 🥺

    Alien FriendAlien Friend3 dagar sedan
  • Leroy

    TrppieXSlayer !TrppieXSlayer !3 dagar sedan
  • Rewatching this, it’s like.. so different. You know what’s gonna happen. It’s crazy.

    Jimmy ClarkJimmy Clark3 dagar sedan

    •royalfruity••royalfruity•3 dagar sedan

    Sleigh CerveroSleigh Cervero4 dagar sedan
  • How about mono

    Maxnie led LeeMaxnie led Lee4 dagar sedan
  • can we just appreciate that Cory is the best

    ——l3mon g0re ————l3mon g0re ——4 dagar sedan
  • Baggy's actual name is Mono btw I'm 10 and my older sis says I should stop watching this because I might get nightmares and I said do you mean little nightmares? and my sis is like wat da and I didn't even get nightmares BOI :D I have watched to many scary things to be scared of this but it sometimes makes me jump :/

    Kassidy RKassidy R4 dagar sedan

    Maddog Tannen76Maddog Tannen764 dagar sedan
  • Baggies real name is mono

    Clayton ArnettClayton Arnett4 dagar sedan
  • Mono

    Monica AuraemoMonica Auraemo4 dagar sedan
  • Hey am not low huh

    Zachary GAMER SiasonZachary GAMER Siason4 dagar sedan
  • 2:23

    MonoMono5 dagar sedan
  • One more day and then I'm leaving the city to go to Mexico and I really don't want to cuz my dad had coronavirus there

    Pablow WeaverPablow Weaver5 dagar sedan
  • It was from guts and glory

    ThatGachaStarThatGachaStar5 dagar sedan
  • Please finish the DLC

    AsaniLee TVAsaniLee TV5 dagar sedan
  • Cory: is that runaway kid Me: no it's Sasha

    HEY YOUHEY YOU5 dagar sedan
  • 0:33 lol if you could "get it taken care of"

    a Trota Trot5 dagar sedan
  • his name is "Mono"

    Lateyearwolfie11Lateyearwolfie115 dagar sedan
  • Hes name is momo

    Dominic TonDominic Ton5 dagar sedan
  • Mono

    Min YoongiMin Yoongi6 dagar sedan
  • Lo siento try again

  • Cory: *breathes* Me: 02:43

    Michael AnthonyMichael Anthony6 dagar sedan
  • not bagy monooooooo mono

    Nicole PaceNicole Pace6 dagar sedan
  • You not a legend We are not going to call you a legend Because we don’t want you to die

    Cringey KenjiCringey Kenji6 dagar sedan
  • Baggy looks like badass anime guy

    PopakikiPopakiki6 dagar sedan
  • Cory: sneezed 🤧 me: bless you Cory:thank you me: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    andrea millerandrea miller6 dagar sedan

    Tam ColeTam Cole6 dagar sedan
  • bruh he just run pass the hat the left doorXDDD

    EL User RiddleEL User Riddle6 dagar sedan
  • You can’t see six’s face because she doesn’t have a face

    Horse girl HorsesHorse girl Horses6 dagar sedan
  • Aaahhcckk!!! Mono is cute!!!

    clearly brightclearly bright6 dagar sedan
  • 3:40 me with headphones in bed at night: 👁^👁 ooop...

    Elianna ReyesElianna Reyes6 dagar sedan
  • Thier the best!!!!!! Please make more!

    Matthew KuhnMatthew Kuhn6 dagar sedan
  • Cory my roblox avatar is Sasha 6 it is AWESOME I love watching your videos

    Matthew KuhnMatthew Kuhn6 dagar sedan
  • its name mono

    Bri yaholaBri yahola6 dagar sedan
  • Bless you cory I love your videos bro

    iTs Luddy RodrigueziTs Luddy Rodriguez7 dagar sedan
  • Oh yo is that a rat *proceeds to blow up entire yard with shotgun shells*

    WatermelonWatermelon7 dagar sedan
  • he forgot the slide on em in the begining

    david thomasdavid thomas7 dagar sedan
  • Corey are you gonna make little nightmares2Animation yes or no

    Melissa MurphyMelissa Murphy7 dagar sedan
  • 6:29

    AntiQueAntiQue7 dagar sedan
  • At the start of the video who else put their forehead in front of their phone or pc etc

    idk R2037idk R20377 dagar sedan
  • cory: who's eating? me: *literally eating granola in the dark at midnight* ... not me

    jinsouljinsoul8 dagar sedan
  • Mono is his name

    Tiffany Luman-ShattuckTiffany Luman-Shattuck8 dagar sedan
  • Man baby man ahhy ay ay 5:25

    Justin FernandezzJustin Fernandezz8 dagar sedan
  • The girl playing the music box Is Sasha

    Shana McPoyleShana McPoyle8 dagar sedan
  • His name is mono

    Shana McPoyleShana McPoyle8 dagar sedan
  • Baggy the hamster

    Kierra PerryKierra Perry8 dagar sedan
  • When everyone get to know that seven got eaten by six Everyone: *screaming in pain*

    fairy's legendsfairy's legends8 dagar sedan
    • Sorry is just that everyone has to know this about my Man seven, sorry-

      fairy's legendsfairy's legends8 dagar sedan
    • i hadn't finished the video yet this was a huge spoiler- don't do that lol 😭

      jinsouljinsoul8 dagar sedan
  • mono

    Dannie CastonDannie Caston8 dagar sedan
  • The one where they shoot the man was the best ending

    xXxGrïmxXxxXxGrïmxXx8 dagar sedan
  • 3:12 go on 0.25 speed LMAO

    • Krista• Nacman •• Krista• Nacman •8 dagar sedan
  • 5:24 cory hit that note

    Cory KenshinCory Kenshin9 dagar sedan
  • I love this video but Corey were is AT DEAD OF NIGHT

    Judah LatimerJudah Latimer9 dagar sedan
  • 20:30 DID YALL SEE HER MOVE HER HAND TO TELL HIM TO STOP. The freaking DETAIL in this game is INSANE!!!

    dodman 531dodman 5319 dagar sedan
    • that was so cute tbh

      poopy naiomipoopy naiomi8 dagar sedan
  • Its the fact that I got my corona tested today as he tests my temperature

    DisismeDisisme9 dagar sedan
  • I laugh so hard when he called the hunter "Sac head"

    Home BoyHome Boy9 dagar sedan
  • its six can i have shoutou if now what is it

    •sunflower ••sunflower •9 dagar sedan
  • Cory:sneeze 🤧 W.H.O: we got a situation!!

    Çørrūptëd PicoÇørrūptëd Pico9 dagar sedan
  • Cory: Also, I can’t remember if we were supposed to play one more DLC?.... Me: .... *remembers the horror of what happened to Seven* Yea, I think u were supposed to...

    Kiara UltimaKiara Ultima9 dagar sedan
  • cory: if you got headphones in and its night time me: looks around my room

    Yaysmin BucknerYaysmin Buckner10 dagar sedan
  • 0:39 tho 😭😭😭

    Martha ScarletMartha Scarlet10 dagar sedan
  • 11:00 scariest part of the video

    Toy pugToy pug10 dagar sedan
  • CoryxKenshin FaceTime or Roblox

    TheEnderProTheEnderPro10 dagar sedan
  • when she said come i thought she said...oi

    Kendra OmordiaKendra Omordia10 dagar sedan

    Phoenix YangPhoenix Yang10 dagar sedan
  • His name is mono

    DarkDragonPlaysDarkDragonPlays10 dagar sedan
  • 5:26 Cory: MARA NA

    Shawn 1911Shawn 191110 dagar sedan
  • That moment u learn u actually caught COVID and Cory called it. 😳

    Grant DapaahGrant Dapaah10 dagar sedan
  • Little Nightmares 2 how you Play my Bigfun Coryxkenshin

    Luchelle StreamingLuchelle Streaming10 dagar sedan