This week's #SpookyScarySunday had SO MANY GEMS!
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Ladda ner



  • 10:00 i noticed there's a "starbucks"

    R94R9429 minuter sedan
  • 1:27 did he just turn the light off?

    Demetre MartinDemetre Martin37 minuter sedan
  • At13:13 look at stop sign it says don't stop

    Braiden HykesBraiden Hykes2 timmar sedan
  • hello

    Jacob LewisJacob Lewis2 timmar sedan
  • hi

    Jacob LewisJacob Lewis2 timmar sedan
  • Idk about you guys, but that second animated story did not scare me at all. Its just so monotone and slow :/

    JUANO GAMERJUANO GAMER4 timmar sedan
  • Cory

    AshspawnerAshspawner5 timmar sedan
    • Cory you might not give me a number

      AshspawnerAshspawner5 timmar sedan
  • You look at the eyes in a big eyeballs are just disgusting like if I start a new my bed I'm screaming yooooooooo😲😲😲😲😲😅😅 Ann Curry I want you to see my text because I want you to I want you to make a video another video and I really want your number but that's just not going to happen for me but it's fine

    AshspawnerAshspawner5 timmar sedan
  • core im not scared of any thing

    Monika FarnikMonika Farnik7 timmar sedan
  • I think we found a Einstein 2.0

    Dan MoorsDan Moors8 timmar sedan
  • Am I the only one who saw the sign that said “don’t stop”

    ;-; U m;-; U m8 timmar sedan
  • Fun fact: Cory is just flexing his abs in the beginning

    Riad Safi-HarbRiad Safi-Harb9 timmar sedan
  • ill give you free stuff that you did not order i will give you a ps 1 lol kidding ill give you water and chips and sprite and y dog :D

    Matthew GarciaMatthew Garcia10 timmar sedan
  • ...roar

    Sundie Foxx GamingSundie Foxx Gaming10 timmar sedan
  • Cory pauses for a little bit: Me:👁👄👁 Cory: *music start playing* Me: *jumps and hearts stops* 👁👄👁✨ Lmao, but he is my favorite SEslowr god bless 🙏🏽💜✨

    No UvUNo UvU11 timmar sedan
  • I dont see why you have dislikes if they are scared dont watch it:-()

    Skylar BinghamSkylar Bingham11 timmar sedan
  • I almost died of this video

    Aleksandras AleksandrasAleksandras Aleksandras12 timmar sedan
  • are we not gonna talk about how aesthetic his hallway looks with that open light up decoration

    HubertPlayzHubertPlayz12 timmar sedan
  • Help me Cory he is the most toxic SEslowr than faze Jarvis

  • Help me Cory to help you get views

  • Hey Mr coryxkenshin help me stop viper nate from steal us to watch him and I'll help them support you

  • I never knew..,I HAVE to sub to you bc your content is legend

    C u p p s•C u p p s•15 timmar sedan
  • Hhhahaahahhaha

    Itz_Ari ArismithItz_Ari Arismith22 timmar sedan
  • YOU BUFFFFFFFFFF! I can see why I don't wanna be in your head-lock now lol!

    Keith DavisKeith DavisDag sedan
  • Courage the cowardly dog had some scary shit even as an adult i question how was that for kids

    LondonlinkLondonlinkDag sedan
  • 26:20 uhm, this might be the dumbest girl, I've ever seennn

    sasukes brother’s girlfriendsasukes brother’s girlfriendDag sedan
  • 17:05 Cory, the Third one ain’t even an animation 🙄✋🏼

    KAMiLAKAMiLADag sedan
  • Cory I samurai sliced that like button and subscribed and turned on bell notifications.

    Taylor YoungTaylor YoungDag sedan
  • First animation is the best

    DeathHound GamerDeathHound GamerDag sedan
  • cory needs revenge

    banana Brysonbanana BrysonDag sedan
  • You gotta be one hating person to dislike a video

    Bryce MooreBryce MooreDag sedan
  • ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

    Masa abdallaMasa abdallaDag sedan
  • im new

    Verónica SotoVerónica SotoDag sedan
  • Yo Cory got a nice ass body

    Dat Dr3wzyDat Dr3wzyDag sedan
  • winne the pooh Cory: I don't think it was on accident me: >o

    Sharmin PatrajSharmin PatrajDag sedan
  • Bro yo buff

    Darielle Thrystan RamadhanDarielle Thrystan RamadhanDag sedan
  • what an intro

    Harold KaplanHarold KaplanDag sedan
  • [ Time Lamp : 31:55 ] cory : im dead

    DeviilToonsDeviilToonsDag sedan
  • The Ankle Breaker. More ankle breaking then Star Platinum.

    The World: Over HeavenThe World: Over HeavenDag sedan
  • Just do me a favor and keep that shirt off

    Gabriel RamosGabriel RamosDag sedan

    Benjamin BellBenjamin Bell2 dagar sedan
  • Bro I gotta tell you me and my wife love your videos

    Adrian JacksonAdrian Jackson2 dagar sedan
  • 39:33 best part

    Letha DevineLetha Devine2 dagar sedan
  • Emma got that dump truck

    Team OnRTeam OnR2 dagar sedan
  • I'm your biggest fan when I hit the subscribed button and smashed my screen. I had to get another tablet

    Good ritsGood rits2 dagar sedan
  • lmao he drank hot chocolate with a little bit of whisky and got drunk calling him a light weight would be very generous

    sheri satterfieldsheri satterfield2 dagar sedan
  • “Caught you lackin, you didn’t back up from ya screen” sucka I moved forward💀.

    MizzyMizzy2 dagar sedan
  • I got so happy that sss came out on my birthday!!!! TYSM!!!!

    The Amazing World of JazzyRocxThe Amazing World of JazzyRocx2 dagar sedan
  • sooo was that thing in the “guest” short film was that her? cause if you look at it’s ear it looks like that’s what hers will look like

    Maribel GomezMaribel Gomez2 dagar sedan
  • 00:09

    TheUnknownShadowTheUnknownShadow2 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Idris LolIdris Lol2 dagar sedan
  • 1 - Well, would you look at that? An ad showing a new samurai movie trailer (?) while watching Cory's SSS! Double nice! 2 - I'm not "one of your biggest fans" or "your biggest fan": I'm your little Samurai fan in the big Samurai get-together! 3 - The fourth video, Brush? Pretty scary. But random Amazon packages? TRULY SCARY. You know my sister-in-law order some cultural clothes from a certain someone...and it delivers by packages? disconcerning. "So...who's Amazon package is this?"

    Ihere123Ihere1232 dagar sedan
  • At 8:25 look at the bottom right corner and there is a shop called foot lettuce- burger king gettin free advertisements

    Six 6Six 62 dagar sedan
  • Guys I just made my first horror short film! Lmk how it is, harsh criticism welcome.

    Andrew KwonAndrew Kwon2 dagar sedan
  • If I was the girl on "the guest" film, I will pepper spray it's eyes.

    ZoeHotDog HDZoeHotDog HD2 dagar sedan
  • "WHICH WEBSITE ARE WE ON!?" im dead 💀🖐

    -Bakuhoe--Bakuhoe-3 dagar sedan
  • I knew that it was Edward I was getting some info on how to take him down

    Anthony PadillaAnthony Padilla3 dagar sedan
  • Not scary

    Alex RuxerAlex Ruxer3 dagar sedan
  • Scary scares me 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

    Thomas CasaliThomas Casali3 dagar sedan
  • why does he look like one punch man

    RipCapalotRipCapalot3 dagar sedan
  • I have one of those from trini

    Cyril McEachnieCyril McEachnie3 dagar sedan
  • I always thought i was mature till i laughed at his fart ..

    Darian HilyardDarian Hilyard3 dagar sedan
  • The first animation was definitely not real stop the cap

  • 17:32 Who who who who who's it gonna be? I rewatched that like 15 times.

    # Needlethread# Needlethread3 dagar sedan
  • Dude from, “This is America.”

    IM BATMANIM BATMAN3 dagar sedan
  • His ear tho

    Jacob KingiJacob Kingi3 dagar sedan
  • I watch this and I did not really get scared but for some reason I got scared in this

    Jacob KingiJacob Kingi3 dagar sedan
    • I am not lying

      Jacob KingiJacob Kingi3 dagar sedan
  • grinch stealing his christmas and his girl

    Simplydd_Simplydd_4 dagar sedan
    • NANAJE

      C JC J3 dagar sedan

    Devin WrightDevin Wright4 dagar sedan
  • hi

    LaTrena JohnsonLaTrena Johnson4 dagar sedan
  • Him : you get a shout out Me : He's in the house

    Isaia LinaresIsaia Linares4 dagar sedan
  • Cory just makes Sundays brighter

    Celia MaheuxCelia Maheux4 dagar sedan
  • 22:16 That Spooky Music Note Send Chills Everywhere in my Body

    OOFF ManOOFF Man4 dagar sedan
  • that guy be looking like momo.

    AnnabellaAnnabella4 dagar sedan
  • This man jacked

    Luis OvallesLuis Ovalles4 dagar sedan
  • The sweet music iteratively trace because advice desirably zoom to a spectacular wholesaler. bright, nifty germany

    Kigark BajarkeKigark Bajarke4 dagar sedan
  • Why didn’t she bleach his eyes instead of hers is she dumb

    DaxtonDaxton4 dagar sedan
  • 8:32 Cory did you not see it say Terrance Nicholson on the signs in the background?

    Delta ZakuroDelta Zakuro4 dagar sedan
  • 31:36 what did the babe say, I can't hear him

    Coconut PuffCoconut Puff4 dagar sedan
  • Ai là người việt

    trần tuyết ngọctrần tuyết ngọc4 dagar sedan
  • 24:59 I thought of morty from rick and morty

    dicksin yourassandpussydicksin yourassandpussy4 dagar sedan
  • "yall see what I'm seeing? Emma got that dump truck." LOLLL

    emmaa sundayyemmaa sundayy5 dagar sedan
  • 24:54, my cousin when it’s his turn on the Xbox

    D4T3RrD4T3Rr5 dagar sedan
  • Cory about to Make me act up. I see you

    LIT NATIONLIT NATION5 dagar sedan
  • Sos

    Robloxlove JasonRobloxlove Jason5 dagar sedan
  • Me not scared of the boy are girl with big eyes Cory: ahhhhhhhhh Me: gets scared

    Sad_boi 12Sad_boi 125 dagar sedan

    UsernameUsername5 dagar sedan
  • Don’t stop idiot ❌

    Rose and BloomRose and Bloom5 dagar sedan
  • corykenshin is the best vibeo and the best

    tobioamptobioamp5 dagar sedan
  • Omg

    Robloxlove JasonRobloxlove Jason5 dagar sedan
  • Me:don’t have ice cream ok My child:ok daddy Me:ok bye bye My child after I leave:haves the ice cream*

    David KnightDavid Knight5 dagar sedan
  • Eyebrows %2

    Danyar AlmahamaDanyar Almahama5 dagar sedan
  • Who TF spikes hot chocolate with whiskey? That's gotta be one of those things you only do once you're already fucked up and the flavour doesn't really matter anymore.

    ZamidgeZamidge5 dagar sedan
  • They probably staring at you cause the recognize you from SEslow.🤣🤣🤣

    coco mococo mo5 dagar sedan
  • Yo I am so glad he brought up the creepy creep who chants "Return the slabbbb" I thought I was the only one who thought that...

    NKHxDarkness666NKHxDarkness6665 dagar sedan
  • I'm writing a comic Freddy kruegers back story 👇

    OnlyEeveeOnlyEevee5 dagar sedan

    Lisandra VidoLisandra Vido5 dagar sedan
  • wow she pulled a whole Hellen Keller

  • ME

    Lora RigLora Rig5 dagar sedan
  • poor bald guy he just wanted a friend. Say ME if you want to be his friend

    Lora RigLora Rig5 dagar sedan
    • EM

      Benjamin BellBenjamin BellDag sedan