Guys... Friday Night Funkin' got me acting up.
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Outro By:
GrittySugar - Animation
KrpticUnknown - Beat


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Farmington Hills, MI 48333

Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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Ladda ner



  • The funny thing is my alarm to wake up is coryxkenshin screaming (It's a joke)

    Jaymian NievesJaymian Nieves8 minuter sedan
  • This was in January!

    David ThyDavid Thy17 minuter sedan
  • 7:07 7:07 7:07 my grades

    StadictbloxStadictblox20 minuter sedan
  • 0:18 OMG 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Pure SymbolicPure Symbolic24 minuter sedan
  • “My name is Cory”CC my name Gabriel

    ThatonefnaffanThatonefnaffan25 minuter sedan
  • Cory was not playing when he made that song😏

    ThatonefnaffanThatonefnaffan26 minuter sedan
  • 10:19 Me: "I can also make that perfect" Friends: "You can't" Me: "BRUH" Me: Did what I said Friends: ¿~¿ alright I'm hackin, am hackin

    Noobition Flames BGNoobition Flames BG39 minuter sedan
  • the pumpkin and skeleton they are pump and skeleton

    Ethanrej10 hmmmEthanrej10 hmmm44 minuter sedan
  • Best moments of the boys

    felix the foxfelix the fox51 minut sedan
  • 0:00 chad part

    Husky DogHusky Dog54 minuter sedan
  • Girlfriend be like: ⚫️🔻⚫️ ~Thunder~ ⚫️﹏⚫️ 💧

    DaveDave56 minuter sedan
  • this game is fire but dude have you not played guitar hero 3

    pingleymyjingleypingleymyjingleyTimme sedan
  • Cory built different!!!!

    MHA AudioMHA AudioTimme sedan
  • they are both in customs

    Flor FloresFlor FloresTimme sedan
  • bruh that pumpkin and skeleton was from spooky month stupid coryxkenshin

    Flor FloresFlor FloresTimme sedan
  • Stop singing😡

    Adrian GalvanAdrian GalvanTimme sedan
  • I'm b outta rap-rape

    Eryk DominguezEryk DominguezTimme sedan
  • yo it me first time watching yasssssssssssss yo da best

    Laura CichyLaura CichyTimme sedan
  • yaaaaaaaaa

    Laura CichyLaura CichyTimme sedan
  • I like Pico

    Dezire WilsonDezire Wilson2 timmar sedan
  • 11:31 *blink* 😐😑😐 *blink 😐😑😐 Has someone had too much sweedish fish😐.......

    LPS_MøllyLPS_Mølly2 timmar sedan
  • Hey I get freaky on a Friday night pico is meh fev

    Dezire WilsonDezire Wilson2 timmar sedan
  • He got bars though

    SOCDOCSOCDOC2 timmar sedan
  • This is fire🌋

    SOCDOCSOCDOC2 timmar sedan
  • 9:54 Cory: Hoo Me: wait what you said??

    Jaden JoeyJaden Joey3 timmar sedan
  • Undertale: *looks like we have a rival*

    soy una papa feasoy una papa fea3 timmar sedan
  • He should do the whitty mod is crazy

    DXRIP TrippkingDXRIP Trippking3 timmar sedan
  • Don’t retire pls

    Karem WrldKarem Wrld3 timmar sedan
  • You're my name is Corey tension yeah I'm gonna and a punch and I can't stop akari ya can't up Corey show cartoon chanchan I know what to do so Corey can shun is the best Utu ever ever you make the best video your my name is Korean tension chanting change abeg over bunching bunching bunching album doing a luncheon luncheon lunches I came in steps up

    P HP H3 timmar sedan
  • Week 7 is finally here Cory so Kelly's check if you check and if there's a week six can you record so I can see I really want to see a week seven so thank you if you don't care stopwatching we know if you don't care stop reading if you do care please try

    Bernie JohnsonBernie Johnson3 timmar sedan
  • Yea

    LitylightNormLitylightNorm3 timmar sedan
  • You should play roblox tbh

    Ana CocheAna Coche4 timmar sedan
  • Oh your like neo mode

    Brenden ArtisBrenden Artis4 timmar sedan
  • I unsubscribed bc I don't want hit to hit 10k

    Avani HartAvani Hart4 timmar sedan
  • friday night funkin boi how did you make it this far?

    Satsujin _SupremeSatsujin _Supreme4 timmar sedan
  • Sliced the like button after he said “getting freaky on a Friday night”

    Riah ThomasRiah Thomas4 timmar sedan
  • I’m real late to the party 👁👄👁💧

    Spoob the spoonSpoob the spoon4 timmar sedan
  • "Are we fighting a pumpkin and a ghost?" *he dosen't know it's a spooky month. Hehehe*

  • 9:45

    Ken MKen M5 timmar sedan
  • I wish they had this for ps4 and u use the shapes

    leshaun claytonleshaun clayton5 timmar sedan
  • Damn Cory spitin

    Cobes Plush worldCobes Plush world5 timmar sedan
  • My mans beat Spookeez on Hard first try... he really do be built different

    TransbianSarahTransbianSarah5 timmar sedan
  • 2:46 this sucka missed one in the tutorial

    Piggly GamesPiggly Games5 timmar sedan
  • Title Screen (Cory Kenshin Mix) - Friday Night Funkin' OST

    TransbianSarahTransbianSarah5 timmar sedan
  • Will you remember that dumb fat ding on Lidl‘s nightmare and I think there’s a creature that Spiderman from I am your man😂

    Atrudiva923Atrudiva9235 timmar sedan
  • Bruh he said I’m smashing this dude Wait pause

    FFFbrody CammFFFbrody Camm5 timmar sedan
  • I feel like Cory would be such a great rapper or singer- He's very creative and has such a nice voice. 👀💕

    Tsuyu AsuiTsuyu Asui6 timmar sedan
  • OK I like like the video

    Lily AmbersLily Ambers6 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    Peyton SkinnerPeyton Skinner6 timmar sedan
  • You should try to play the new mod! It’s about you and Momo

    Zariel HillZariel Hill6 timmar sedan
  • 10:08 Pump and Skid: he dosent know its spooky month

    Cat Under BlanketCat Under Blanket6 timmar sedan
  • Are the arrows fliping us off?

    Jamel SmithJamel Smith6 timmar sedan
  • 8:06 it's skid and pump skid is a skeleton not a ghost pump is a pumpkin that's right

    Filip MarekFilip Marek6 timmar sedan
  • My name is coryxkenshin aka the sumurai

    Derek HernandezDerek Hernandez7 timmar sedan
  • 8:07 *he doesn't know it's a spooky month* Pump-

    ThemisThemis7 timmar sedan
  • isn't that rengoku's pants from demon slayer

    MangaloserMangaloser7 timmar sedan
  • 7:50 IT'S A SPOOKY MONTH!!! *Dances*... But its june.

    ToxicToxic7 timmar sedan
  • Lol

    Tylan SmithTylan Smith7 timmar sedan
  • Unsub to coryxkension right now he going to leave at ten mil

    Kingorthehill WeebKingorthehill Weeb8 timmar sedan
  • Also do miku it’s so clean I bet you will like it

    Lyrical SoundsLyrical Sounds8 timmar sedan
  • Please do Whitty mod it’s so nice but the end is shocking only if you dare to play the mod

    Lyrical SoundsLyrical Sounds8 timmar sedan

    Jutta JulkunenJutta Julkunen9 timmar sedan
  • Skid and pump! From sr pelo

    Brody SkrzyckiBrody Skrzycki9 timmar sedan
  • Cory please don’t leave SEslow your the only thing keeping me alive

    moonmoon9 timmar sedan
  • 9:36 bruh that beat was fire

    DeimDeim9 timmar sedan
  • If you make another part

    samuel Colladosamuel Collado9 timmar sedan
  • my name is coryxkenshin and A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    nvm now dud ahanvm now dud aha9 timmar sedan
  • The lemon monster is in the background when you were rap battling the mom and the dad but when you are singing look at the back

    samuel Colladosamuel Collado9 timmar sedan
  • how do you download friday night funkin

    Ouidiane RimiOuidiane Rimi9 timmar sedan
    • Bruh

      Cat -BitsCat -Bits7 timmar sedan
  • Yea i'm unsubscribe to you.

    Emily PappEmily Papp10 timmar sedan
  • Sheeeshh Cory has movesss

    Someone HehehSomeone Heheh10 timmar sedan
  • cory i am smashing this dude well pause on that XD

    sunil chackosunil chacko10 timmar sedan
  • coryxkenshin

    AaronOnYTAaronOnYT10 timmar sedan
  • 10:03 rip headphone users 🤣🤣🤣

    Yasmine MillerYasmine Miller10 timmar sedan
  • that song man i listen to this song to much cory u built different

    CornflakesCornflakes10 timmar sedan

    CornflakesCornflakes10 timmar sedan
  • "lightwork"

    cowboy patrickcowboy patrick11 timmar sedan
  • Anybody come back to this just for the starter song

    Salamander 1301Salamander 130111 timmar sedan
  • i hope cory plays the whitty mod, i want to see his reaction to ballistic

    ye manye man12 timmar sedan
  • Yis sir

    Jaiden BrayJaiden Bray12 timmar sedan
  • 😠

    Tamara OwlTamara Owl12 timmar sedan
  • Where is Corey Kenchen

    Tamara OwlTamara Owl12 timmar sedan
    • Kenchen?

      Cat -BitsCat -Bits7 timmar sedan
  • he doesnt know its spooky month

    Trischelle HastTrischelle Hast12 timmar sedan
  • 0:06 roblox lag be like:

    James Nob :/James Nob :/13 timmar sedan
  • ITS THE SPOOKY MONTH?!?! *commences spooky dance*

    ThanosThanos13 timmar sedan

    Yuen Suet FongYuen Suet Fong13 timmar sedan

    Snags FlexxinSnags Flexxin13 timmar sedan
  • That’s gotta be one of the best intros I have ever seen

    Kathryn SpadeKathryn Spade13 timmar sedan
  • im sorry corykenshin but i quit on friday funky night its to hard and im just a kid

    Queen SmithQueen Smith14 timmar sedan
  • Frioaknickt funkin

    Anderson silvaAnderson silva14 timmar sedan
  • react to spooky month

    Calvin RiveraCalvin Rivera14 timmar sedan
  • 09:50 i need a 1 hour loop of this drop,does anyone know the name?

    HollandalixHollandalix14 timmar sedan
  • " Are we fighting a pumpkin, and a ghost? " *Spooky thinking* I think it is Spooky Month, right Pump? Yes! yeah it is! Yep! this is Spooky Month!! ... I don't think he knows what it is.. Well, ummm... you kinda crouch and then you dance like this.. [Insert Spooky Dancing]

    -Dxst_Sans--Dxst_Sans-15 timmar sedan
  • Cory you don't know in week 2 is the spooky kids is call a kid and pump

    Kelvin AjaKelvin Aja15 timmar sedan
    • And btw why did you call skid a ghost he's not a ghost

      Kelvin AjaKelvin Aja15 timmar sedan
    • Skid

      Kelvin AjaKelvin Aja15 timmar sedan
  • “Are we fighting a pumpkin... and a ghost!?” Skid n’ pump : he doesn’t know it’s the spooky month ehehe

    King CubeKing Cube16 timmar sedan
    • Eheheh

  • 9:44 ayo

    Joseph FarmerJoseph Farmer17 timmar sedan
  • I like week 2 I like skid and pump There are my favorite characters

    Aileen AbellaAileen Abella17 timmar sedan
  • The hype I got

    afrosenseiafrosensei17 timmar sedan
  • u look dumd at the same time funn (sorry if this is rude to you)

    《Sxnny》《Sxnny》18 timmar sedan
  • That's skid and pump on week 2 There's a mod coryxkenshin mod on Friday night funkin

    Aileen AbellaAileen Abella18 timmar sedan