yes. i literally beat the entire ending in one video. pls watch.

Ghost of Tsushima. Finale. Please enjoy.
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    • Hey what’s up Cory, just so you know I’ve been subscribed to you on SEslow for about 4 years now, and ever since I started watching your videos I always wanted to start my own SEslow channel and make videos like you. But I need some advice on editing and gameplay transfer. I know it’s a 30% chance you will respond but it’s worth a try✌🏾

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  • Yo please play ghost of Tsushima legends. It’s an online game mode and you can choose between four classes and can unlock them all eventually. There’s the assassin, samurai, straw hat ronin, and the hunter. They’re all good at their own different things. You could play it with friends, or with randoms through playing online, or you can make it much harder and play yourself.

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  • Cory, the ending where he kills his uncle is ending that proves Jin still has some honour left within him. His uncle wished to die a warriors death, just like that, by his own nephews hand if he failed to kill Jin. Shimura wanted to die this way and it proved Jin hasn’t completely turned to the side of the Ghost and still has honour, which is why it’s a beautiful ending. Shimura had no issue dying like that; it was his wish.

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    • The horse was said to be a boy in-game.

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