FUNNIEST TIK TOKS i laughed TEARS watching [Try Not To Laugh Tik Tok 5]

This has to be one of my favorite Try Not To Laugh Tik Tok Editions.
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Outro By:
GrittySugar - Animation
KrpticUnknown - Beat


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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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Ladda ner



  • the amount of disapointment on his face when he was twerking to fnf

    ANIME PEEPS REED 2ANIME PEEPS REED 214 minuter sedan
  • your moms salon is so pretty i wanna go now :)))))))))

    alexandra francoalexandra franco15 minuter sedan
  • 5:29 Come on, we got so close

    A upset person in need of sleepA upset person in need of sleep25 minuter sedan
  • not funny

    Fait_InsanityFait_Insanity59 minuter sedan
  • youre mom sounds like my science teacher

    Isaiah ChambersIsaiah ChambersTimme sedan
  • Random, but if anyone wants to know about the music in the second TikTok: it’s called ‘Lucifer’s Waltz’ by Secession Studios.

    Inkterstellar -Inkterstellar -Timme sedan
  • The very last one had me good😂😂😂

    Kiera StewartKiera StewartTimme sedan
  • 7:40

    Dolly boy 1923 aka Pixel donkeyDolly boy 1923 aka Pixel donkeyTimme sedan
  • 7:31

    Dolly boy 1923 aka Pixel donkeyDolly boy 1923 aka Pixel donkeyTimme sedan
  • 7:24

    Dolly boy 1923 aka Pixel donkeyDolly boy 1923 aka Pixel donkeyTimme sedan
  • 6:17 - 6:34 Why he sound like a elementary school teacher when the substitute left a bad note.

    Løsť ÐøllÿLøsť ÐøllÿTimme sedan
  • Hes such a holy man 🥺🥺🥺

    Ken NatsumiKen NatsumiTimme sedan
  • Pray for mommaxkenshin.

    gabriel gonzalezgabriel gonzalezTimme sedan
  • Why do I see coryxkenshin twerking on tic tok and what song was that in Friday Friday funkin or somthing

    Mr. PMr. PTimme sedan
  • lol

  • My mother got cancer but...didn't survive

    Elijah CarterElijah Carter2 timmar sedan
  • the video in 14:04 should have the song from 10:44

    AwesomeDinoBrosAwesomeDinoBros2 timmar sedan
  • 3:25 Yes you do Cory, yes you do.

    Fireant2600Fireant26002 timmar sedan
  • Your mother is a strong strong woman and your A very strong man God bless you & your mom I hope you & your mom have a Wonderful day or night if you see this I just want you to know that I love your videos and I Know your mother is a very nice woman to you and everybody else God bless you and your mom By Amaya❤️❤️

    • ItzmeAmxya •• ItzmeAmxya •2 timmar sedan
  • 10:39

    He4ven5733He4ven57332 timmar sedan
  • Cory: watches a clip of himself on tictok. Show gun Sences : kamehamehaaaaaaa

    Jacoby WigginsJacoby Wiggins3 timmar sedan
  • hahahaha

    Letoya GillespieLetoya Gillespie3 timmar sedan

    Dable GamesDable Games3 timmar sedan
  • Cory is the choosen

    dudaplayz123dudaplayz1234 timmar sedan
  • anybody else saw the fridaynightfunkin on the tv

    Zsa Zsa LaingZsa Zsa Laing5 timmar sedan
  • hi

    Nicole EvansNicole Evans5 timmar sedan
  • lets hecking go we won twice in a row when this mans gonna stop covering his laf dow

    Leena SpiveyLeena Spivey6 timmar sedan
  • 14:15 left me deceased on the floor. That was too funny.

    Demetris MooreDemetris Moore6 timmar sedan
  • yes that the ture and hi Cory

    Khamron CrowderKhamron Crowder6 timmar sedan
  • POV: the neighbors thinking why is this man talking to his self

    Wave Like SpikeyWave Like Spikey7 timmar sedan
  • 8:53 pause it Reply with all the memes you’ve got

    Madz ShowMadz Show7 timmar sedan
  • You cory bring back minecraft

    Arabaaba BorsahArabaaba Borsah7 timmar sedan
  • Congrats for your mom beating cancer hope she is living the best life with you as her son!

    Sonali DeolekarSonali Deolekar7 timmar sedan
  • not me being in school

    Krisner SmithKrisner Smith8 timmar sedan
  • nah ur fuked fo laughing at 22:29

    Thee GOATThee GOAT8 timmar sedan
  • you i am the 60,000th comment

    Thee GOATThee GOAT8 timmar sedan
  • Jesus loves u which is why he suffered and died for ur sins so pls give him a try and u will see y i choose Jesus

    sum dudesum dude8 timmar sedan
  • when you wanna work for cory's mum but your in london

    Malika WMalika W8 timmar sedan
  • When Cory always loses he says 3/5 I like he always Caps

    Gabriel KoteyGabriel Kotey8 timmar sedan
  • yo im finna go to yall salone

    purple dragonspurple dragons8 timmar sedan

    Jesse FloresJesse Flores8 timmar sedan
  • 3:34 unrelated congrats send all the praise to coryxmomma butVOICE CRAK

    yessirinternetyessirinternet9 timmar sedan
  • Anybody know the name of the song at 15:25

    TheHiddenScytheTheHiddenScythe9 timmar sedan
  • My goodness! This made my heart warm!!! 😍🥰

    SyncereSyncere9 timmar sedan
  • I don’t know about you but i didn’t laugh

    Nicky DiMarcelloNicky DiMarcello9 timmar sedan
  • yo Cory, we here for you man. I got some family up there, I will definitely tell them to go to the salon when it’s done! I wish you all sucess.

    Love ItAllLove ItAll9 timmar sedan
  • Ik my sister likes nail salons I told her and she said she would love to work there !!

    J 0725J 072510 timmar sedan
  • 10:43 I could say the same about NyQuill. Puts you to sleep REAL quick

    Arianna RodriguezArianna Rodriguez10 timmar sedan
  • 16:19

    Jagjit KaurJagjit Kaur11 timmar sedan
  • anyone notice the fnf tv and hope your mothers salon keeps on going

    qǝlɐʞ ̄lqTqǝlɐʞ ̄lqT11 timmar sedan
  • 12:06

    brntwater YTbrntwater YT11 timmar sedan
  • bearly CAP

    desky BOIdesky BOI12 timmar sedan
  • I cried at the beginning, I'm so happy for her!

    Dalia CanaDalia Cana12 timmar sedan

    michael otchere boatengmichael otchere boateng12 timmar sedan
  • I know yall seen the protester with the dumpy

    Gabriel ImlasGabriel Imlas12 timmar sedan
  • “But best 3 out of 5” Me:What’s next? Best out of 10?! Yuhhhh! This man lost! “That wasn’t a laugh”. BAHAHAH 😂😂😂🖤🖤🖤


    Colin CopleyColin Copley13 timmar sedan
  • 18.00 Cory you saying that really doesn’t change nothing idc about it.

    Jonah TrimbleJonah Trimble15 timmar sedan
  • I think out of all of them I think the last one made me died of laughter lol

    Amelia HeimuliAmelia Heimuli15 timmar sedan
  • 19:19 He done activated mangekyo, 3 tomoe, rinnegean sharingan

    Yael SaldarriagaYael Saldarriaga15 timmar sedan
    • LOL sorry if I spelled it wrong

      Yael SaldarriagaYael Saldarriaga15 timmar sedan
  • Stop the Minecraft music

    Saraye St. VilSaraye St. Vil15 timmar sedan
  • Idk how this is funny I laughed one time and it was the one when that guy busted in the door then punch that man to sleep

    Angelia BowenAngelia Bowen18 timmar sedan
  • Getting freeky on a Friday night my name is coryxkenshin aka the ... Also i with the best of luck to you're mom cory i pray for you and her👐🏿👐🏿👐🏿👐🏿👐🏿👐🏿

    miniwolf gaming vrminiwolf gaming vr18 timmar sedan
  • tra rags is a goat

    Band GawdBand Gawd18 timmar sedan
  • This man is bout to hit 9 mi- CAN WE GET A 9 mil chain pls

    Steampunk GCSteampunk GC20 timmar sedan
  • I sall him on tick tock I was like wow he put it on tick tock

    Giovanni PenaGiovanni Pena21 timme sedan
  • Friday night funking in the back

    Giovanni PenaGiovanni Pena21 timme sedan
  • Yall seen

    Giovanni PenaGiovanni Pena21 timme sedan
  • 5:39 look at his face lol

    master chiefmaster chief21 timme sedan
  • Cory God also give me blessings and one of those blessings was you

    master chiefmaster chief21 timme sedan
  • Hi Im A big Fan

    FaZeSwayFaZeSway23 timmar sedan
  • The fact that the video of him twerking was a Tik Tok and a fan edit

    WK GrXxNWALKIINWK GrXxNWALKIIN23 timmar sedan
    • LMAOOO

      Lastlord ZXLastlord ZX21 timme sedan
  • Respect.

    Jin AdozukiJin Adozuki23 timmar sedan

    ChickyDuckChickyDuck23 timmar sedan
  • Wow if I had your life I could never talk about what you did in the intro.that’s hard to talk about. One time in 4th grade we where told to wright a story of our sibling and I have a very confusing life so I had to talk about everything about my sibling in front of the whole class. So nice job on getting enough courage to say that

    Milo KittoMilo KittoDag sedan
  • 12:52 😂😂😂🤣😭😭

    FuntimeFuntimeDag sedan
  • Prayers to yo moms yo but I’m ready to laugh

    Maurice HuntMaurice HuntDag sedan
  • I love cory, but his laughs be soundin wet. Maybe im trippin😂😂😂

    Quayzcool 123Quayzcool 123Dag sedan
  • 14:53 he do be lookin disapointed.

    •Sunset Summer••Sunset Summer•Dag sedan
  • *friday night funkin’ just casually playing at the spa*

    oliviaoliviaDag sedan
  • Cory’s profile brings back memories

    ishaaq omarishaaq omarDag sedan
  • shameeeeeeeeee

    Francisco CisnerosFrancisco CisnerosDag sedan
  • nice cory

    Marvin PierceMarvin PierceDag sedan
  • yes

    Alex JPVAlex JPVDag sedan
  • cory: ama throw some cash on her me: 😆😆😆😆😆

    Ricky MercharlesRicky MercharlesDag sedan
  • I was dead laughing when he sed block yo ass

    Brant JohnathanBrant JohnathanDag sedan
  • My sister is turning 21 in April she is a nail tech. But she doesn't have a license. And we live in South Bend Indiana. But shes really good at what she does.

    Strawberry MilkStrawberry MilkDag sedan
  • That friker saying stop talking about white prileges is racist as frick

    Viny PrismViny PrismDag sedan
  • 13:35 cuz u black

    NashDaGoatNashDaGoatDag sedan
  • Notice how Cory almost laughed @14:43 when Berlin came in. 😂😂😂

    JJBizzareJJBizzareDag sedan
  • Did anyone else notice that they had Friday night funkin' in the background of the salon?

    Da_meme_lordeDa_meme_lordeDag sedan
  • That last one fart tho

    bobby sweatbobby sweatDag sedan
  • This makes me happy to hear ur growth even tho this is my first time watching

    Hubert Jean paulHubert Jean paulDag sedan
  • Love the vid

    Alexander SepulvedaAlexander SepulvedaDag sedan
  • If u press on this ur a goat 12:52

    Manta XManta XDag sedan
  • My mom wants to do that to Im glad.

    Double J Double BDouble J Double BDag sedan

    PseyechoSamuraiPseyechoSamuraiDag sedan
  • support cory's mom or your catch these hands>:( (also i support you cory and cory's mom)

    Monty TorresMonty TorresDag sedan
  • Awww cort🥺🤍🖤🤍😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

    William SicklerWilliam SicklerDag sedan
  • “I’m blockin ya a-“

    Kazuichi SoudaKazuichi SoudaDag sedan