Today in Little Nightmares 2, Sasha Six is in trouble, she needs our help! And Mono is TIRED of it, TODAY WE FIGHT BACK.
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Outro By:
GrittySugar - Animation
KrpticUnknown - Beat


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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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Ladda ner



  • Cory :your not getting me Thin man :you think is a joke right Also Cory : aHHHHHUH

    Lol NoobLol Noob59 minuter sedan
  • Cory BEST get 9 mil subs or I finna scream-

    Leigh MillerLeigh MillerTimme sedan
  • Watched the roof come down like a little kid getting a dollar😭😂

    Leeaira WrencherLeeaira WrencherTimme sedan
  • Duuude😶

    KosarKosarTimme sedan
  • Baggy has had enough He has been through so much he has lost Sasha He has been jumping in pain. He's been through pain tired And lost and he's not taking This man take him down Baggy it's showing it's true colors.💖✊🏼💎🗡🗡🛡🛡

    Cheyenne OofCheyenne OofTimme sedan
  • Hope he joking about the retirement :(

    Bjuicy GTBjuicy GT2 timmar sedan
  • 0:20 I been watching that on repeat

    naruto just narutonaruto just naruto3 timmar sedan
  • Is it me or does shasa look like shes from pennywise ;_; baggy em.. Idk but ik that yellow rain suit look very sus. TwT

    Kitkat mistKitkat mist4 timmar sedan
    • Sasha*

      Kitkat mistKitkat mist4 timmar sedan
  • i gesses

    ProstevewastakenProstevewastaken4 timmar sedan
  • That intro music at 0:48 tho (awakens god mode) (_)

    Isaiah GarlandIsaiah Garland4 timmar sedan
  • Hey its a like again

    jenny quibenjenny quiben4 timmar sedan
  • please go to 18:58 I swear I had to watch it so many times (also poor Tommy at 18:17...)

    Emma FoxEmma Fox5 timmar sedan
  • Cory right after Sasha turns into a glitch: SASHAAAAA Cory 5 seconds later: THIS ANIMATION IS FIREE-

    Stephanie NiezurawskiStephanie Niezurawski5 timmar sedan
  • At 38:19 you could see the CBS eye

    Darrius BozmanDarrius Bozman5 timmar sedan
  • cast: sasha six momo/baggy teacher with the neck doctor baby toes slender man glitch

    Maya ShornockMaya Shornock6 timmar sedan
  • 13:37 that was the old song in the first game

    Ro EvansRo Evans6 timmar sedan
  • this game...idk but it makes me feel things like just the meanings the symbols the things happening it just makes me feel things ive never felt

    cyncyn7 timmar sedan

    HoneyLuvAmorHoneyLuvAmor8 timmar sedan
  • Spiritual Cory In da building

    TreyDogGamingTreyDogGaming8 timmar sedan
  • This mans gonna get taken now

    sebastian garciasebastian garcia9 timmar sedan
  • Play fornite

    Shalom MendozaShalom Mendoza9 timmar sedan
  • plz

    William NavarreteWilliam Navarrete9 timmar sedan
  • cory can i get a shout out plm

    William NavarreteWilliam Navarrete9 timmar sedan
  • Cory: What did I do to anybody? You incinerated Globgogabgolab

    Christopher ReidChristopher Reid9 timmar sedan
  • Hey. Horror game 🤩🥳

    Marcus LenanderMarcus Lenander9 timmar sedan
  • Mr postman that is where he worked! :)

    Nathan AtchisonNathan Atchison9 timmar sedan
  • We ain’t gonna act like he ain’t give us the pure knowledge of this game!!

    Tamara WalkerTamara Walker10 timmar sedan
  • Minecraft or I'm unsubscribing

    Toya ClarkToya Clark10 timmar sedan
  • If you're wondering how I know this it's because I watch videos about it and I talk to them with developer

    Janiece StricklandJaniece Strickland10 timmar sedan
  • What would happen, if you don't open the door and you just stand there? Will Sasha pull you out or will u stay here forever?

    Murug 99887Murug 9988710 timmar sedan
  • Sasha betrayed you because you destroyed her music box

    Janiece StricklandJaniece Strickland10 timmar sedan
  • Good luck CoryxKenshin I’m believing in you

    Scorpion Sonic.Scorpion Sonic.11 timmar sedan

    Rajon SmithRajon Smith11 timmar sedan
  • It's time cory this is the final push the final battle be careful and good luck

    Kayleigh WalkerKayleigh Walker11 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    Rosie CheatumRosie Cheatum11 timmar sedan
  • Cory says he doesn't lose in any game but what about every game Adam made you literally haven't beat any of his games that includes Welcome to the game, Welcome to the game 2, and Scrutanized or how ever you spell it he said he cant beat any of Adam's games in the first Scruutanized video. There's my proof.

    goku uzumakigoku uzumaki11 timmar sedan
  • Not slender man it’s the thin man

    lindsey dreschlindsey dresch11 timmar sedan
    • Slender dude

      Mr. FishSticksMr. FishSticks11 timmar sedan
  • When you said becon, I remember that word from alien isolation

    lindsey dreschlindsey dresch12 timmar sedan
  • cory simply for Sasha for 41 minutes straight

    Addy TAddy T12 timmar sedan
  • cory who is your fav character from lord of the ring?

    Akirayh FieldsAkirayh Fields12 timmar sedan
  • i seen cory's video's and he cracks me up it so funny C H E C K M A T E "dont even look at me" i cant he soooo fricking funny bro

    Aubrey FordAubrey Ford12 timmar sedan
  • His name is mono not baggy

    TheSpookyvibeZTheSpookyvibeZ13 timmar sedan
    • @TheSpookyvibeZ because thats his nickname for him. why does it matter?

      bakugo's chocolate dropbakugo's chocolate drop12 timmar sedan
    • @bakugo's chocolate drop then why did he writed baggy

      TheSpookyvibeZTheSpookyvibeZ12 timmar sedan
    • he knows that.

      bakugo's chocolate dropbakugo's chocolate drop12 timmar sedan
  • Cory: Aw sorry, you're too slow Also Cory: WHY IS HE SO FAST?!

    Carol&MicasCarol&Micas14 timmar sedan
  • My friend: You gonna take bus? Me: Nah I'll take TV.

    JustLibanJustLiban14 timmar sedan
  • MAn SpIdeR

    Mr Gamer463Mr Gamer46314 timmar sedan
  • 7:08 26:00

    Kiki The Stardust CrusaderKiki The Stardust Crusader15 timmar sedan
  • 13:32 ogs remember that theme from the long armed dude

    Tyrell CampbellTyrell Campbell17 timmar sedan
  • Wanna know something.that chair you found behind that painting in the first playthrough was that same chair that mono sat on all those years and became slendy

    Jordan AbramJordan Abram18 timmar sedan
  • Tommy did it. He forgot about his children. He copied what the others were doing. He fell.. R.I.P TOMMY

    Six 6Six 618 timmar sedan
  • As shadow six is walking up the stairs it’s the shadow of when she was leaving the maw

    milk909milk90919 timmar sedan
  • I’m going to miss CoryXShogun When he Leaves 🙏🏿😭😭😭

    King CreedKing Creed20 timmar sedan
  • 38:06 Why does... The song sound like a A-A fnaf S-Song...

    Noah EnnardNoah Ennard20 timmar sedan
  • Y-You escaped the glitch?! How dare you.... Ima take you both back to the glitch.

    Noah EnnardNoah Ennard20 timmar sedan
  • When did Cory turn into MatPat?

    Theodore TollasTheodore Tollas20 timmar sedan
  • cory im a fan

    Alexa Cole LemoncitoAlexa Cole Lemoncito20 timmar sedan
  • 3:24 is a dope album cover

    Extrusion-Extrusion-21 timme sedan
  • Travel through it instant transmission

    DDDD21 timme sedan
  • Wait what, was Cory serous about that conspiracy theory?🤔

    Mordecai ChisataMordecai Chisata22 timmar sedan
  • Cory:Thats your face reveal me:Yea i play little nightmare 2

  • your friend she said not today

    Shaniya DavisShaniya Davis22 timmar sedan
  • petter grifen

    carly collinscarly collins22 timmar sedan
  • 15:04 . how my vacuum works 🤣😂🤣

    all of the aboveall of the above22 timmar sedan
  • I'm sure many others have noticed and remarked on this, but this game's aesthetic looks like 50% of '90s rock videos.

    Vae VobisVae Vobis23 timmar sedan
  • 16:20 while watching this on TV *turn off* go to sleep

    Ear TongEar Tong23 timmar sedan
  • Cory: Think about your kids Tommy you don't have to do this... Also Cory: *Stands there and watches*

    EliEliDag sedan
  • Cory: Tv is not good for you, *turns it off* Also Cory: TURN IT BACK TURN IT BACK ON!

    EliEliDag sedan
  • Sans when chara beats him: 36:05

    Chanda InrachavongsaChanda InrachavongsaDag sedan
  • Somebody get your come here think that's what he said it was funny to me

    Dahnitra CredleDahnitra CredleDag sedan
  • There was a quick second with crackhead energy

    Dahnitra CredleDahnitra CredleDag sedan
  • cory "Your not scary!' also cory *stutters* " You are scary!"

    Laila RogersLaila RogersDag sedan
  • The tower you saw was a sycamore Tower that's responsible for all of the messed up things

    MissascootMissascootDag sedan
  • He said tht he never lost a game ever its because he never finished them

    og_Lord _dankog_Lord _dankDag sedan
  • Cory: TV IS BAD FOR YOU! Also Cory: Recording 1 hour

    TurksTakeTimeTurksTakeTimeDag sedan
  • 23:51 Me: they’re dropping like flies! Cory: they’re just falling like dominoes!

    Fred’s AscotFred’s AscotDag sedan
  • 35:25 was he tryna go ssj3

    Raheem MarshallRaheem MarshallDag sedan
  • He he flash light in ur face sasha

    Mono503 The TVboiMono503 The TVboiDag sedan
  • The thin man is mono

    Sxfty CrunchySxfty CrunchyDag sedan

    Da KidsDa KidsDag sedan
  • 17:00

    ValdeValdeDag sedan
  • Cory you are in getting ferry on a Friday night you are a character

    hema begumhema begumDag sedan
  • Can u go against Whitty in the whitty mod in Friday night funkin

    mlzgarcia81mlzgarcia81Dag sedan
  • R.I.P Tommy

    Felonious BolusFelonious BolusDag sedan

    lauren younglauren youngDag sedan
  • I love 7 deadly sins anime rlly good

    Spaz Out GamesLMTSpaz Out GamesLMTDag sedan

    lauren younglauren youngDag sedan
  • I just realised that slender man looking guy, is the guy from part one when he was hanging and there was a chair and a note it's the same guy

    Diz chickDiz chickDag sedan
  • 29:55

    SaltySailor609SaltySailor609Dag sedan
  • Little does he know... He's been fighting himself

    AspectofthePiggyAspectofthePiggyDag sedan
  • Bro Is Cory a Otaku aka a anime lover

    Jasmine AndradeJasmine AndradeDag sedan
  • cory: why am i still standing here?- also him: I WANNA SEE WHATS GONNA HAPPEN

    Jainna BellamyJainna BellamyDag sedan

    lauren younglauren youngDag sedan
  • The slenderman boss is symbolism for the government

    Ernesto IrizarryErnesto IrizarryDag sedan
  • but umm...cory? did you write that down and then say it...or practicing or are you just said it on the top of your head? lol

    Laila RogersLaila RogersDag sedan
  • well.....may...maybe its true...i mean you just said ya its..FINE ill say it its true ok ok there...:(

    Laila RogersLaila RogersDag sedan
  • the intro is so true

    Laila RogersLaila RogersDag sedan
  • How you going to say he fast than you say he to slow

    Aash MannAash MannDag sedan
  • See you in 9 months again Cory

    XaemerXaemerDag sedan
  • Cory: Ive never lost at any game.. EVER 14:36 Me: Sooooo we aint gon talk bout Nun Massacre

    NightSlasherNightSlasherDag sedan
  • bro 15$ for real bro like really at list 50 $

    Nicholas WebbNicholas WebbDag sedan
  • I love Cory's intro

    Himiko.-. Toga.-.ChillingHimiko.-. Toga.-.ChillingDag sedan