Monsters Inc hittin different these days... [SSS #041]

This week's #SpookyScarySunday contains the best jumpscare in #SSS history.
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Outro By:
GrittySugar - Animation
KrpticUnknown - Beat


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  • 16:37 *The Ultimate Jojo Reference*

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  • I got allllll the snack in the world 🌎

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  • How How you and your new friends and your new job search for new home and new years of fun

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  • hi coy

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  • me showing up late 👁👄👁 yeaaaaa on time *looks around nervously* 👁👄👁

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  • 12:53- 13:09 And play it at 2x speed it looks funny

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  • fun

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  • i'm not sleeping

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  • what the F*** i'm 9 years old . head snaps me: ok im jumping out the window

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  • cory pleas tell me you will make a Vr chat vid

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  • ahhhhhhhh

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  • scared me on the floor for god dang nope

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  • aye girl...why dont you...fa- you know what NVM i'm not typing anymore

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  • Me freaking tf out cuz I didnt subscribe

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  • Yo, at 25:28 Baekhyun's song Candy was playing OmO

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  • Yo I think is a black person thing but when video at 18:05 end I said dang at the same time without thinking 🤣

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  • Monsters inc and lightening McQueen were my favourite

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  • 1:47 oh no 😅 OK I’m gonna subscribe

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  • i had to re-watch this a second time and the "oh my gawddd" when th eman fell gets me every timeeeee

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  • I subscribe to you SEslow channel Corey

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  • anyone here cause Cory been gone for a week :(((

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  • Help I got stuck in a wall ahhhhh

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  • him i'll see you tonight me we dontlive in same state

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  • I loved the second animation!

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  • wene monster inc sends in the chasss

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  • this vid was on my b day

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  • My life rn: *R.I.P VOLUME*

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  • that jester is kinda fine

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  • 2:09 my favorite part

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  • Hey Corry...The video that you said singapore is a Malaysian video...Peace From Malaysia 🇲🇾

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  • Stuck my feet out before watching and that intro got me right back up in there

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  • when im actually drinking orange fanta rn 😎

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  • dang 18:30-18:34

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  • Bless you

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  • I like you

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  • I love the intro

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  • wait why didint cory jump scare us????

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  • i watch y every day

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  • your vids are the bestttttt

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  • i know i shouldn’t be attracted to the jester but i’m very attracted to the jester

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  • hi cory iam from indonesia

  • The Fourth video, Stuck, is pretty good!'s the same building...and the same girl in that building...but her friend being the one getting haunted! Are you telling us Samurai...that THAT haunted?? Now that I think about it: in the first video we watched, we don't know if that is the exercising girl or her friend. Is this the same girl, or her friend as well?... (Sorry. Judging by their voices, they both sound kinda similar. Still, I hope the girls are okay...! They be fightin' these haunted activities, and I applaud for their Samurai courage!) [EDITED, SORRY] ALSO, 34:06 - Shogun...did you not see the face behind the curtain? Such a slow response, Cory...! But! I'n not going to humiliate you like that, so I'll just let it slide.

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  • That Jumpscare Me

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  • I Am Scared

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  • O_O

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  • Cory is weird

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  • Help

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  • Do black things scare you Cory🤫 Edit: this is not a racist joke

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  • 8:04 it's not rated r that's rated MA

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  • 28:22 my heart dropped in my stomach 😵

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  • He was clapping for the lights Cory...

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  • 5:49 C O R P S E

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  • 8:09 DID Y'ALL SEE THAT!?😂😂

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  • Yes im subcribed cory im subcribe...weird '-'

  • *u can breath in the house u know dat right* bro funny af lmaooo

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  • *that one day a fan links a real onlyfans video and cory is live*

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  • Those only fan ppl tho lmaooo

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  • 35:03 lmao

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  • Leather B

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  • *The EAS alert at the beginning disturbed me*

  • That picture of corpse

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  • 28:15 OHH MY GOD

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  • Cory he's good t making horror Film's i luv it! ^wO

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  • That girl was running down them steps I would be jumping

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  • you so good coryxkendhin you are the best youtuber

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  • Did ... did he just wink

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  • Hey just wanted to say Hi

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  • That fucking true horror story one gave me nightmares🤧😱

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  • Me who really went to McDonald’s to get the snacks 🖐🍟👁👄👁🖐🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗

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  • Thet scered me es hell 😰😱

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  • I’m sub to you and I like all your vids and I follow you son insta

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  • I am subscribed love y

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  • No

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  • Oh my God I just laughed because of his scream

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  • Yo I didn’t know CoryxKenshin had earrings

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  • Mans got clap on clap off lights in an apartment lol

  • 6/10

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  • I lost it at @13:30😂😂😂 Aww my leg

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  • 1:19 Song? I know that one from a creepypasta narration.

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  • my sis be confused -_- While watching this

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  • That corpse

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  • Yes

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  • Bru ima have nightmares

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  • Cory: do u think I want to ruin my childhood. Me:shake head yes.cory:no me:I mean no😅

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  • me: hahahahahahashaa

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  • As soon as that thing showed up u scared me while that scared me

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  • Dude i just said bless you out of a joke when a sneezed and didn't expect for him to reply lmao 😂😂😂

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  • I just realised the handcuffes were built so the only thing you could do was clap and he still didn’t clap

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  • Man’s was just tryna pay his bills :(

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  • I’ve seen the jester before I knew about Cory but it’s still so good!!!

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  • Just pause then subscribe

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  • When cory came in da room saying “spooky scary Sunday your on time.”I was like “boi you know my pandora is on and I’m at a FRICKING HOSPITAL WATCHING DIS WOW”

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  • Is samurai slice that like button and subscribe to impress the subscribe button in the Bell but do you like among us too cuz I do and I know that thing will kill you sweetie fish thing we kill me for some I know that thing but I'm a big family I mean fan of you

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